The Power Of Professional Web Analytics Training – More Than Theory

paoloPaolo Ramazzotti needed a practical approach.

When looking for Web Analytics training, he found courses that were too theory based.

He needed something more.

Paolo found that Market Motive courses would give him the strategic knowledge he needed; and that specifically, the Master Certification courses, with their real-world final projects, would make sure that he could put what he was learning to use straight away.

So when the final project came around, Paolo had the perfect subject matter ready: he used a real-world project from his own job.

He successfully presented his real-world project to the Web Analytics faculty; and then to the Marketing Manager of the company he works for.

His Market Motive project helped land the company one of their biggest deals; and the Marketing Manager said it was the best Web Analytics presentation he had ever seen!

At Market Motive, we’re proud to be helping people like Paolo achieve their personal, business, and career goals. He values his education and has already earned Master Certifications in both SEO and Web Analytics, and is currently a student in the Mobile Marketing Master Certification Course. View his Market Motive profile here.

We’re proud of Paolo and all our students.

Find Paolo Ramazzotti at:

Want to learn more about the training program that gave Paolo the practical input he needed? Check out our training programs, and learn more about Market Motive’s Web Analytics Certification Courses…

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