Top 4 Reasons to Panic on International Panic Day

Today – June 18 – is International Panic Day. Are you panicking about your online strategy (or lack thereof)? Because maybe you should be. Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Panic on International Panic Day:

1. You’re going to look really, really bad

getting fired

Having thousands of Facebook fans isn’t going to help you when an employee live-tweets while being laid off, when you drop an unexpected F-bomb, or when every social media channel blows up at your expense.

A single slip or oversight on your side, or (even scarier!) a disgruntled ex-employee or customer can send your reputation for a nose dive unless you know how to pull up. Do you have someone who is a master of social media channels, able to bounce back from disaster, and put your company’s best foot forward socially? No? If you have a novice managing your company’s reputation, it might be time to panic.

2. You’re about to get Google Slapped


If you have bad ads or landing pages, you may have a Google Slap coming your way and 1) you’ll have to pay through the teeth for the ad positions you want, or 2) your AdWords accounts will be disabled.

How do you guard against it? Make sure your ads represent your product and transition well to masterfully created landing pages. More importantly, though, make sure you’re up to date on the latest algorithm changes so you don’t get caught off guard by an update. When was the last time that you really dove into what’s changed and what it means for your company? Not recently? Do you understand the ins-and-outs about how to make search engines work for you without crossing the line? No? There might be a big slap coming your way, and it might be time to panic.

3. You’re throwing away money


80% of your revenue comes from 20% of what you do, and if you don’t know where your money is coming from, you’re probably wasting buckets full and leaving heaps of it on the table waiting to be collected.

Are you dumping time and money into an unsuccessful blog? Are you paying for clicks from unqualified candidates? Are you pouring time into optimizing pages that nobody sees? Do you know your goals for the next quarter about growing your reach and revenue? Do you know the answers to these questions, or at least where to find and track them? Without analytics, you could be bleeding money. You might be circling the drain and not even know it. Might be time to panic.

4. You expect people to sit down


Starting this year, Americans are using smartphones and tablet apps more than PCs to access this internet. If you think they’re going to sit down at a computer to read your email or look at your website, you have another thing coming.

Actually, you have nothing coming – because all your business will be driven to other companies that reach your consumers while they’re on the go. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, or if you’re not reaching your audience while they’re en route, don’t expect for them to remember you when they get home after a long day. Are you counting on them to sit down just for you? Might be time to panic.

Deep breaths – don’t panic just yet. You can be coached away from disaster through mastering an online marketing discipline. Coached Courses are filling up fast.

You only need to panic if courses start without you.

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