Where Are They Now?

spotlightJust seven days ago, we invited our Master Graduates to participate in a speedy competition on our Master Certified LinkedIn group and fill us in on where they are now. We’re proud of how our students have used their training to further their careers and their companies, and we are excited to recognize Top 10 Master Graduate “Where Am I Now” submissions in the Market Motive Spotlight.

Let’s start with our winner: Maurice Revah!


Where Am I Now? How Market Motive Helped Me Launch My Career

Maurice Revah, OMCP Senior Search Marketing Analyst at Media Experts

PPC Master Certification, Winter 2012

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Marketing in June 2009 at the tail end of the recession, and like many other graduates, was forced to accept a job that was not my first choice. After giving this new role a chance for 18 months, I decided it was time for a change. Yet I wasn’t prepared to accept another dead-end job, so I asked myself, what can I do to stand out from the crowd? I was already equipped with a marketing degree and some entry-level work experience, but then again, so were all my peers. That’s when I recalled that a friend of mine had recently completed her Master Certification in Conversion Optimization at Market Motive and saw her digital marketing career flourish.

I immediately reached out to her to get more details and ask her advice on which certification would serve me best in my job hunt. The decision was unanimous: study PPC. So I enrolled in the Master Certification in PPC in January 2012 and never looked back. I must admit, I was a bit nervous and even intimidated at the start as I was the only student in the class who had ZERO experience in PPC. Typically, Master Certification students already have 1-2 years under their belts when they enroll. By graduation in April 2012, I can honestly say that all those nerves had disappeared. Our instructor and faculty chair, Brad Geddes, admitted to me after the fact that he really wasn’t sure of what to expect from me given my inexperience in the field. But after getting to know me over the course of 12 weeks and correcting my final project, he confirmed that I was more than prepared for a career in PPC, and I completely agree. Brad’s teaching style was well suited for beginners and intermediate PPC professionals alike. On the one hand, he would take the time to explain the basics to me, and also provide those who had some experience with more advanced strategies that they could apply to their jobs or personal businesses.

About a month after receiving my Master Certification in PPC, I was recruited on LinkedIn for a Search Marketing Analyst job at Canada’s largest independent media agency. I honestly couldn’t believe it. For once, I wasn’t the one asking for a job, someone was asking me. What more could you ask for?

It’s now been a year and a half since I graduated from Market Motive and I’m thriving in my new role. I was actually promoted after my first year to Senior Search Marketing Analyst, and now act as a Team Lead mentoring other PPC analysts and coordinators. Right out of Market Motive, I was put in charge of managing the SEM account for a national Telco, and never once did I feel overwhelmed. Market Motive truly prepares and equips you with the tools you need to be a successful digital marketing professional. And the best part is, there’s always more to learn so your job never gets dry.

I cannot thank Market Motive enough for helping me reinvent myself. Do yourself a favor and sign up for one of the many certifications they offer. You won’t regret it!

The remaining nine winners are presented in order of submission. We are proud of all of the submissions, and are glad to recognize these as part of our Top 10!


Where Am I Now

Yasser Akhtar Digital Analyst at Benjamin Moore & Co.

Web Analytics Master Certification, Summer 2011
SEO Master Certification, Fall 2013

After discovering and joining Market Motive in early 2011 my professional life has changed completely and for the better. When I joined Market Motive for Web Analytics Master Certification I thought perhaps it may help me in my role at that time of web/content manager. Back then I wasn’t too excited by the prospects of getting trained online, but I took the plunge based on the reputation of instructors. Web Analytics, taught by Avinash Kaushik and John Marshall kicked my ass to say the least. It was the most challenging class I took after graduating from University. In fact, the class was so challenging that I didn’t pass it the first time. What did pass on was the desire to learn more about the world of digital analytics and everything related to it. After failing the first time, my focus was not necessarily on getting certified but on finding insights and meaning behind the data. I spent next few months going through the videos again and re-submitted my projects for my certification and passed it the second time.

Since getting my Web Analytics certification, my annual training budget includes subscription to Market Motive. For me, the value I get from Market Motive training is superior to any other facility I’ve come across. Last month I also received my Master Certification in SEO from Market Motive. I am happy to say that now I work full-time as a web analyst and look forward to facing the brave new world of digital analytics – thanks to Market Motive.


Where Am I Now

David Martin Professional Web Designer and Certified Internet Marketing Strategist

PPC Master Certification, Fall 2013

I recently completed my Market Motive PPC Master Certification course in December 2013. It has helped me go beyond “knowing enough to be dangerous” where I can safely say that I have learned some of the advanced techniques to help manage our companies PPC accounts. I’m in a much better position knowing how to take advantage of different marketing opportunities and I am certainly a more valuable asset to the company and all of my web design clients who need help with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and other online marketing areas. Thanks Market Motive.

dena ross

Where am I now?

Dena Ross Senior Digital Strategist, Kaiser Permanente

PPC Master Certification, Spring 2013

The Market Motive PPC Master Certification Certification course in June 2013 provided a solid foundation in PPC Marketing–something that I’d been trying to piece together on my own for the last few years through conferences, newsletters, and word of mouth — a little tough in a constantly changing environment. The course gave me insight and practical tools that allowed me to be a better partner with the search agency I manage instead of being solely reliant on their advice.

Overall, the course provided a comprehensive understanding of the many elements that make up the complex world of search marketing and provided context that tied everything together.

I was a little reluctant to take the Master course but found it to be not only challenging but truly riveting!


Where I am now:

Kathy Carlson OnLine/OffLine Media Guru, Creative Problem Solver and Student of Pop Culture and Technology

PPC Master Certification, Summer 2013

I got my Master’s Certification in PPC Advertising in September 2013 and I was the Top Gun Award Winner.

Prior to my Market Motive class, I was a Media Director at an advertising agency who had amazing roots in traditional media and understood digital fundamentals. I’m still the Media Director of that same agency but I now understand that much more how to combine digital and traditional media together to make advertising campaigns more successful.

For example, by learning which days of the week generate the most phone calls and clicks in my client’s campaigns, I tailored their television to run heaviest on those same days. As a result we’ve seen more direct site traffic and more traffic in general generated on our branded search terms.


Where am I Now? How Market Motive Helped Change My Life

Kam Kazemi Marketing Specialist at Productivity Associates, Inc.

SEO Master Certification, Fall 2011

Prior to enrolling in the program I was a long-time accountant who was completely frustrated with how my professional career was going as I found finance to be extremely boring, dull and repetitive. I knew there had to be a better suited profession for me out there where I can continue to leverage my analytical and quantitative abilities, but also incorporate creativity via the marketing and Internet skills I had gained through my years of education in these areas. During my research about a possible career switch to Internet Marketing I ended up deciding that Market Motive was a great option and eventually decided to go ahead and register for the program.

I opted to focus on Todd Malicoat’s SEO program as my main specialization and I cannot not even begin to tell you how much I learned about the complexities of Search Engine Algorithms and the best practices, strategies and tools marketers can use. The curriculum was very comprehensive, applicable and up-to-date.

But the advantages of Market Motive didn’t stop there. As a student, I also had access to a huge database of instructional videos about Web Analytics, PPC, Conversion Optimization and Social Media that I found to be EXTREMELY informative and have retained the majority of that knowledge with me to this day and continue to apply it in my job and career.

I can truly say without hesitation that registering with Market Motive was the first big step I took which has enabled me to advance my career to a new level and develop into a well-rounded Internet Marketing professional. The Master Certification I received gave me the fundamental knowledge and confidence to immediately begin applying to relevant positions and it was not long before I was able to land one. In my current position at Productivity Associates (located in San Diego), I am not just focused on SEO but I am the Digital Marketing Specialist who oversees my companies PPC campaign, social media efforts and web analytics reporting. I have also been able to initiate some e commerce projects online and do some consulting work on the side. I am not exaggerating when I say that none of this would have been possible without Market Motive.

To anyone who is seriously considering switching to an internet marketing career: I strongly encourage you to give serious consideration to Market Motive as the best method to attain the needed skills and knowledge, you won’t regret it!

Where am I Now?

Chris Gregory Managing Partner and Lead SEO at DAGMAR Marketing

SEO Master Certification, Spring 2013

I had just established DAGMAR Marketing as a reputable SEO company in the Jacksonville, FL area but was mostly a self taught SEO. I realized there were holes in my knowledge that needed filled and I couldn’t afford to learn at our clients expense. After extensive searching I decided Market Motive was the best solution available. No other online course had real experts that I had actually heard about teaching the courses. Getting to interact with the instructors on a weekly basis was priceless since you can’t ask a video questions =).

Since taking the course we have taken on much larger clients with the confidence that we can achieve great results. Our ability to maintain our client base has grown as we are achieving better results for our existing clients as well. I’ll also add that subscribing to the Ask The Experts forum has kept the knowledge trickling in. Where am I now? DAGMAR Marketing is branching out into a regional focus given the success of our SEO service and Market Motive was a big part of that.

Where Am I Now?

Mazen Mroueh Search & Performance Manager – AOD Activation Manager at VivaKi

SEO Master Certification, Fall 2011

I have gained a great knowledge from Market Motive. I have attended the SEO master course and at the same time, I went through all the other courses, and I got a certification in each online marketing channel.

This helped to work on the biggest SEO accounts in my company, then I gained a chance to move during 2013, then I moved to Singapore to handle a project and now am back in Dubai.

During last year, I got promoted twice and I am still looking forward to increase my knowledge and skills.

Where am I now?

Ginny Nichols Creative Product Marketer/Product Manager

Social Media Master Certification, Summer 2011
Web Analytics Master Certification, Fall 2011
PPC Master Certification, Spring 2012

I was looking for top notch, challenging and highly stimulating training from experts in their fields and Market Motive more than delivered. I am thrilled that I achieved Master Certification in Social Media, PPC and Web Analytics along with Practitioner Certification in SEO. Since graduating I’ve added a digital marketing practice to my marketing consulting business. The Master Certification track prepared me well for developing social media marketing proposals, PPC campaigns and ever important Web Analytics practice that focuses on metrics that move the needle for a business. Each discipline complements the other …I’m ready to continue growing my expertise…..there’s always more to learn!


Where am I now?

Steven Ruesch mehr Kunden mit dem Internet

PPC Master Certification, Fall 2011
I am the owner of a Ruesch Media – an AdWords agency in Germany. I give monthly webinars on AdWords other organizations and have been invited to speak at several other events.
Market Motive has boosted my credentials and skill set to a point where I was able to pursue my goal and start an own company. I took the PPC course – a fantastic course delivering rock solid basics needed to successfully run PPC campaigns.

What happened?

At the end of 2011 I found myself at a point where I had to start anew. My decision was to start work as an AdWords consultant. In order to hone my skills and prepare myself for a life of self employment I searched for a suitable course. At first I was in the process of enrolling on a course of some AdWords “guru” but by chance – thank god – through some e-mail I discovered Market Motive and signed up for a free webinar. I remember being blown away about the knowledge give for free; not these cheesy “how to double your CTR in 24 hours” type knowledge but insight which I knew was coming from a top professional – someone who knows his trade down cold. I immediately enrolled and the course didn’t disappoint. Make no mistake. This was a tough course but it was worth it.

Market Motive rocks!!!!

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