The Opportunities For Alternative Education Providers and Universities

Robert McGuire, Editor of Business Trends and Insights at SkilledUp, recently wrote an interesting article over on EvoLLLution that addresses the numerous reasons universities from around the country would be wise to embrace alternative methods of educating their students.

McGuire writes, “As the education technology ecosystem grows, products and services are emerging that push into the traditional territory of colleges and universities. The clearest examples are in skills-based instruction for adults.”

Market Motive is at the forefront of providing, as McGuire writes, “Online curricula in marketing, including in emerging subjects like digital and social media marketing.”

But what does all of this mean specifically for your career and job prospects? 

The following infographic from EvoLLLution reveals the importance of constant education ranging from traditional bachelor’s degrees to online certifications in specific disiplines. Just a few highlights include:

  • 87% of jobs require a degree at the entry level
  • 78% of employers say ongoing education has a positive impact on promotions and advancement
  • 66% of mid-level positions require a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 50% of mid-level positions require professional certifications or licensures in addition to a degree

The bottom line is that you should always remain in the education game, regardless of whether you attain a traditional degree from a four-year university or decide to enhance your marketing skills via online courses.


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