7 Reasons Scott Brand Is The Essential Employee You’ll Want But Can’t Have – And What To Do About It

ScottBrandBlogI guarantee you that by the end of reading this post, you’ll want to hire Scott Brand.

Inspirations: A Teen Addiction Rehab Facility has already swooped him up, and he is now a valued member of their team.

But there’s good news! There are other people like him! Hopefully Scott’s unique characteristics and success will spark some helpful ideas for the next time you’re hiring.

So here are the 7 reasons why Scott Brand is an essential employee, and tips so you can hire someone like him.

1. He rises to the occasion

dinosaur in the room

Scott’s background was in the transportation industry. As a Technical Services & Project Manager, he was pitching a company on a big project when he was told that social media would be a large component. Because he and his team weren’t familiar with social media, his company didn’t get the job. Instead of sulking and throwing a pity party, Scott rose to the occasion and challenged himself to master social media and digital marketing by enrolling in Market Motive.

The questions that they asked me, I was like a deer looking into the headlights. I wasn’t the elephant in the room, I was the dinosaur in the room … I vowed to learn this digital marketing, as much as I could, and to become a professional and get ahead of the game instead of be behind.”

Hiring Tip: Ask the question, “What is a specific example of a time when you were out of your depth, and how did you rise to the occasion?”

2. He takes full advantage of resources


He registered for the Market Motive Self-paced training, but what sets him apart is that he took extreme advantage of his resources. He treated the faculty as direct mentors, studied from them diligently, and took seriously the opportunity to interact with them. Scott, for example, never missed a chance to interface with the faculty on the workshops.

We have a dedicated Google account … it’s always nice to tell them I was trained by Avinash. I was very active in the webinars. He probably knows me, because I had questions every single webinar – I didn’t miss any for years.”

Hiring Tip: Ask the question, “What is a specific example of a time that you took advantage of a resource that most of your peers overlooked?”

3. He is willing to “pay his dues”

Wallet with piggy bank

Scott was willing to put in the work unrewarded in order to reap the benefits in the long run. He did work for free in order to gain extra experience and build up his resume.

You can only understand so much if you’re not applying it … I just had small clients, I did work for free – because that’s what Todd Malicoat, my other professor, said. If you want to get started in SEO, you have to do that at first. You don’t have experience, you have to get experience. The only way to get experience is to – pretty much – do it for free, so I did that. But it was never the level that I had when I was hired.”

Hiring Tip: On resumes, take note of people who give – volunteering, donating time/expertise, etc. – without getting anything but experience.

4. He is dedicated to being an effective employee


Scott didn’t just go through Market Motive training to get hired – he wants to be an effective employee for the company. As a result, even after getting hired, he continued to spend his weekends going through the training. This time, though, he went through the training with his new company in mind and applied what he was re-learning directly to their websites and accounts.

Everything I did, I’m using. And after I passed the course, maybe a year ago … I figured on my time off on the weekends, I would go through the courses again, and take the work that I have that applies to all the courses – which is everything – and implement that. And that’s what I’ve been doing, from pivot tables to KOB Analysis, I’ve been doing all of those things. … So, because of this course and all the courses that I took, not only did I get a great job, I kept the job.”

Hiring Tip: Ask the question, “What is a specific way you’d be able to apply your expertise from [X] training/experience to your work at this company?”

5. He has long term vision


Scott doesn’t get distracted by the day-to-day. Despite the difficulty of sacrificing time, energy, and money to invest into his training, he knew that it would be beneficial to him in the long run. Can you imagine having someone who is able to work hard short term in order to chase long term benefits?

I just never have believed in taking short cuts. [People who want success] have to find a way to learn … and just bite the bullet. You might not have the most fun weekends. My wife is alone a little bit more than she’d like to be, but she understands it’s benefiting us all, and I’m very motivated to do this because it’s the best for our family.”

Hiring Tip: Ask the question, “What is a specific example of a sacrifice you made in the short term that you were able to have pay off in the long term?”

6. He is innovative and passionate


Scott’s only problem is that he has lots of great ideas and a limited number of hours in a day – and that’s a great problem to have! You’ll never catch him wasting your company’s time. You’ll never need to worry if he’s worth the money that you’re paying him. He is the type of employee who gets the most he can out of every hour he works for you because a) he’s good at his job, and b) he wants to do a good job for you.

I’m doing a lot of blogging. I incorporate YouTube in the blogs, and I have all the right techniques for SEO … I just figured out the whole system. I want to do more. My biggest challenge is time, I can’t do as much as I want to do.”

Hiring Tip: Ask the question, “If you came to work here, what would make you excited to come to work each day?”

7. He gets results

Business graph from golden columns

The final question for a company is always about the bottom line – as it should be! Raising your company’s bottom line is what keeps you around, serving your customers, and moving your vision forward. So does someone like Scott actually get results? Absolutely!

I just took over social media for my company and in three weeks I grew their profile on Twitter from 200 to 1000, Google Plus from 20 to 120, LinkedIn from 0 to over 500, Facebook from 3000 to 3140, created a Pinterest profile, went from a YouTube subscription of 1 to 20, and much, much more. I also generated about 40 links in three weeks and was able to have a media appearance for my owner with the Miami Marlins, a business radio show.”

Hiring Tip: Look for specific examples of measurable success on a resume, and ask the question, “What are specific, measurable improvements you’ve seen for companies you’ve worked with in the past?”

Do you want to hire someone like Scott Brand? Great! Follow these 7 tips, and consider posting any openings on the Market Motive job board to swoop up our grads before someone else does.

Do you want to be a Scott Brand? Great! Follow in his footsteps and get started with your Market Motive training.

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