How Gannett Builds Better Brands Through Marketing Training

Gannett Corporation’s many brands now have access to world-class digital marketing training resources for their teams, and it’s already making a difference.


With over 500 regional, national, and international publications and web properties in its portfolio, including, CareerBuilder, G/O Digital, and USA Today, Gannett Corporation has a powerful and diverse cross-platform reach.

Through its broadcast, print, digital, and mobile brands, Gannett engages more than 110 million people every month.

So it’s business-critical to keep their digital marketing and brand management teams upskilled, up-to-date, and responsive to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

As a forward-thinking company, Gannett recognizes the value of investing in in-house professional development resources to keep its teams current and relevant.

That’s why they’ve recently negotiated a partnership with Market Motive, a leading digital marketing training developer, to provide affordable marketing training to every Gannett brand.

logo-omcpThey chose Market Motive because the training is up-to-date, conveniently web-based, results in industry recognized professional certifications, and is considered preparatory for OMCP Certification as well.

Success Stories

Gannett’s corporate commitment to upskilling from the inside has already been embraced by a number of its properties, and team members are experiencing measurable success.

Adam Lindsey

Adam Lindsey, TN Media

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to have the opportunity to take Market Motive’s PPC Master Certification course taught by Brad Geddes,” said Spring 2014 PPC Top Gun Student Adam Lindsey of TN Media. “He was instrumental in helping me with my current campaign, teaching me ways to better optimize it, and giving me some great knowledge to help me further my career. I will forever be an advocate of Market Motive, [their] courses, webinars, and everything they stand for.

It was through Market Motive’s courses that I was able to forward my career and have since transitioned to a new role as a Regional Digital Marketing Strategist for Gannett – the first and only position of its type within our organization. We are going to change the way our corporation markets itself online, and I am going to be a big part in making that happen thanks to the Market Motive team and all of the wonderful knowledge they provide through their courses.”

Adam wasn’t the only Gannett representative to receive Top Gun honors last Spring. Margaret Tolbert of TN Media nabbed the award in Social Media after studying under the tutelage of faculty expert Jennifer Cario.


Margaret Tolbert, TN Media

“I have already seen an increase in business since I first started doing some of the best practices learned in class,” said Margaret. “I have seen an increase in my website traffic, social following, and new business inquiries! I loved having the attention from Jennifer, and not just the videos. The feedback and support Jennifer gave me made a huge impact on my success in the class!”

Training Benefits Teams of All Sizes

Of course, a rising tide lifts all ships, and for every individual who improves their skills, there’s a team that benefits as well. Gannett teams ranging from small to large across multiple brands routinely improve their in-house digital marketing skill sets with Market Motive.

Gannett Logos

  • A 108-person team from Asbury Park Press earned nearly 250 certifications
  • 81 people from Pulitzer Prize winning The Indianapolis Star nabbed over 200 certifications in total
  • Detroit Media Partnership had 72 employees earn 73 certifications
  • The TN Media team achieved OMCP Certification eligibility with more than 100 certifications in multiple disciplines
  • The Greenville News saw 75 certifications earned by 35 employees
  • The Democrat & Chronicle’s 45-person team had a 100% completion rate, earning over 50 certifications

These and many other Gannett brands are dedicated to continuously honing the digital marketing skills of their teams. This dedication is spearheaded by Gannett Directors and Managers that understand the incredible value of digital marketing training.

Niki Gladys

Niki Gladys, RGJ Media

“Despite demanding schedules, our team has been committed to becoming Market Motive certified,” said Niki Gladys, Sales Director at RGJ Media/Reno Gazette-Journal, a Gannett Company. “To stay on track, we met weekly over breakfast to discuss the material and apply concepts to real-life situations our clients were facing. We found the material challenging, interesting, and very relevant.

The Market Motive training came at exactly the right time as we were Reno Gazette logosuccessfully launching, a site promoting Reno’s robust entertainment and outdoors culture. We found all the Market Motive fundamentals training supported this effort; especially the information on content marketing.”

Dedicated Support

Gannett teams get more than just training; they get a dedicated support team to help set goals, encourage engagement, and answer questions every step of the way.

Lila Carpenter is an Account Manager and Success Liaison with Market Motive. She and her team have worked with nearly every Gannett group that’s been through the program, helping to establish goals and motivate trainees to not only participate, but also to excel.


Lila Carpenter, Market Motive

“It’s a real partnership,” said Lila. “We work hard to help Gannett launch and run a successful training initiative, and the Gannett managers work hard to lead their teams. From launching hundreds of implementations – from two- and three-person groups to teams of hundreds – we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve also gathered together the best practices that keep teams motivated and engaged throughout the entire process, and we share those experiences with Gannett to help them set goals and generate enthusiasm for the training. The managers that really run with those training best practices are the ones that enabled their teams to improve the positioning of their brand and win awards like Top Gun or Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Team of the Year. We celebrate their success with them . . . we’re super proud of all our grads, and feel privileged to have helped in any way we can.”

A Wise Decision

Gannett’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge of digital marketing and investing in the professional development of its employees is proving to be a wise decision. Every day, more Gannett brands are taking advantage of the program and improving the ability of their in-house marketing teams to excel and thrive in an ever more competitive digital landscape.

If you’re working at a Gannett property and want to learn more about this powerful program, contact Market Motive directly. You’ll discover how easy it is to get started, and be on your way to upskilling your team, expanding your in-house resources, and improving your internal communications. The call will provide an orientation and answers to your questions; Gannett has already secured your pricing.

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