Market Motive Scholarship Winners Announced

market motive scholarshipWe are proud to announce today the four Market Motive Scholarship winners for 2015. These scholarships will help digital marketing professionals attain access to Master Certified Training.

The Market Motive Master Scholarship Scholarship Fund was initiated earlier this year by the generous contributions of Manjula Higginbotham – herself a 2010 graduate of the program. The intent of the Market Motive Scholarship is to expand the opportunity for passionate marketers around the world to enable them to attain a Master Certification in one discipline or a Practitioner Certification in a complementary discipline

How excited are the winners for this incredible and unique opportunity?

Let’s find out directly from them!

Tina ArnoldiTina Arnoldi

“I am thrilled to have access to the online courses (and webinars)! I recognize the names of many of the instructors because they are people I’ve followed informally- I have an AdWords book by Brian Geddes on my shelf and still remember an awesome SEO webinar hosted by Todd Malicoat years ago.

I left a salaried job in August of 2013 (in the tech field) to go out on my own as a digital marketer and never looked back. What’s tough is staying on top of what’s happening in all the different areas of marketing and getting that information from a reputable source. Although I did pass the Google exams for AdWords and analytics and do much of my work in those areas, I do want to learn more about PPC and analytics outside of the Google platform. Also, I think a stronger foundation in other areas, such as Content Marketing, will help me become better at what I do.

As I complete the different courses, I can offer more integrated services to existing – and new – clients. I’ve also offered training on some introductory topics in the past and will be able to expand my offerings to people who are getting started in this field. A lot of nonprofits and small businesses are pretty overwhelmed by the whole digital marketing space. So, the short version is that I think this is pretty awesome and I’m geeking out…. :-)”

Elizabeth Traynor

“Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. Despite the fact that I worked as a Website Marketing Manager for several years, when I was laid off it became apparent that I needed to learn additional techniques, have access to tools, and become further educated in order to become a well-versed Digital Marketer. I plan to focus my Market Motive Digital Marketing Certification in Social Media.

The company I newly work for is in dire need of revamping their company website and establishing a social media presence. I know that I will be able to help them reach their goals with a certification from Market Motive. I’ve taken many of their online tutorials already and will soon be certified in Digital Marketing Fundamentals. The online tutorials are engaging, informative, and organized. I was thoroughly impressed by each instructor’s easy to follow teaching style, and I am honored to have been chosen as a Market Motive Scholarship recipient.

I am very excited to take the knowledge that I’ll learn through Market Motive and apply it to my current workplace needs and build upon it for years to come. Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards Market Motive. Thank you!”

Stephanie Seibel

“Being a life and career coach has taught me that there are few things more rewarding than starting your own online business. As any entrepreneur knows, however, it’s also incredibly difficult to navigate the overwhelmingly amorphous blob of internet marketing advice out there – particularly when you’re on your own without an official education in marketing and are lacking the credible experts to guide you through it.

I am so beyond honored and excited to take this journey with Market Motive because they are truly the best of the best when it comes to digital marketing. While my passion has admittedly kept my business afloat, this training will provide me with the solid strategies I need to take my business to its full potential. I have no doubt that this material will change my life for the better by helping me make the impact I’m here to make, all the while streamlining my efforts so I can achieve better results in my marketing with less time and energy (Phew! My partner, friends, and family will likely thank you as well). I’m so excited to also teach this information to my coaching clients so that they too can take their purpose and passion and turn it into a profitable business or career.

My overall dream is to redefine what it means to work. It makes me so sad to know that 80% of people today dislike their jobs when we live in such a brilliant time with infinite possibility – particularly those of us with first-world luxuries like food in our bellies, internet access, and MacBooks. I truly believe that almost anything is possible today, especially when you combine a lot of passion with a greater purpose and some digital marketing best practices. My mission is to help this emerging generation of young professionals create a world where work is life-giving, not life-taking. Where work is something that enriches all of our lives with happiness, health, purpose, and success.

I truly believe digital marketing is the missing piece to that puzzle. When used effectively, I believe digital marketing strategies can free us both individually and collectively. I can’t wait to apply these new best practices within my own business and to share the wisdom in every way I can, empowering the world to transform their careers online.

Thank you, for this incredible opportunity!!”

Philip Villasis

“I’m extremely excited to get started with the Market Motive courses and certifications, and I believe they will prepare me well for a career in online marketing. I’m at a point in my life where I have to start over and rebuild my life, and I believe that Market Motive will provide that opportunity for me through their world-class instructors and training.

This time around, I want my life to have a real impact on others. After I complete my studies with Market Motive, I’d like to use the skills I learn to promote causes in which I believe through the marketing of non-profits and social enterprises that serve our communities and solve the world’s most pressing social issues.

For this opportunity, I am eternally gratefully to Market Motive, especially for Skot, Avanish, Manjula, and everyone who contributed to the scholarship fund that made this possible.”

A big congrats to all of the Market Motive Scholarship winners. We can’t wait to here about your journeys when you complete your courses later this year. And although our scholarship program is closed at this current time, we encourage you to click on the big orange button below to learn how you can still take advantage of Market Motive’s Coached Training Courses today!

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