Market Motive Spotlight: Adam Lindsey at American Addiction Centers

spotlightSometimes we put the Market Motive Spotlight on a student not for their success inside our courses, but for their success after our courses, and how they applied their new skills.

Adam Lindsey

Adam Lindsey

Adam Lindsey is one of those students.

Adam currently works for American Addiction Centers as a Senior Web Analyst and owns his own marketing and consulting business, ConversionGrow.

And the impact his Market Motive training has had on his career is immeasurable.

Or is it?

What’s The Value?

Adam put a value on it not only in terms of career advancement, but in real dollars and cents.

“I am currently tasked with building out an SEO/Link building team to which I will be taking tactics explained in detail by Todd and the team in the Market Motive training. I’ll be implementing them in a cross-functional team to take our organic efforts to the next level.

I also will be implementing a lot of custom tracking and analytics from Avinash’s module as well. Lastly, the stuff Brad taught me in the SEM modules only added to my knowledge base and the value I can provide to my employer and my self-owned business. I also don’t want to leave out the others as they all added valuable knowledge when taking the courses.

The value that Market Motive has provided me on a personal and professional level is priceless. Well, actually I could put a number on it. Between my advancements in my career and the profits for my freelance company, I’ve been able increase the amount of money I bring in annually by 100k in the years since and while taking courses. Talk about value!

Of course, we appreciate the credit Adam is kindly giving to our faculty and courses… but it’s Adam’s own perseverance and dedication to professional development that we really must acknowledge.

Adam worked hard. Really hard. He powered through training in six disciplines, earning Certifications in:

Congrats Adam on a job well done.

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