Market Motive Spotlight: Anthony Fulford at MediaCom Beyond Advertising


Digital marketing training is tough. You have to embrace the value of training, dedicate time out of your busy schedule, commit to following through, and maybe most importantly, be willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone into complementary areas that will make you a stronger and more valuable marketer.

Anthony Fulford

Anthony Fulford

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Throwing The Spotlight On MediaCom Beyond Advertising Australia’s Anthony Fulford

It’s that kind of focus that’s landed MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) SEO Manager Anthony Fulford in the Market Motive Spotlight.

Anthony is leading the pack in MediaCom Beyond Advertising’s 17 person training team. Not only is he the first of the team to qualify for OMCP, but he’s also shown that willingness to step into new territory, and has a vision to bring his company with him.

After becoming certified in Internet Marketing Fundamentals, Anthony went on to train in SEO and Web Analytics, as well as gain certifications in both Conversion Optimization and Content Marketing.

Stretching The Boundaries

At first, Anthony was apprehensive about the training. He already had 5 years in the online marketing industry, was well versed in SEO, and wasn’t sure that all the complementary disciplines in Fundamentals would be relevant to his job. Ultimately, though, he appreciated the self directed aspects of the training and liked that he could choose which disciplines to dive deeper into.

Anthony found that the more advanced courses, in particular, shed light on the areas he could improve and affirmed his strengths.

The SEO module, that one was the most testing, considering I come from an SEO background. . . I’ve learned about where my weaknesses are, and I know where I need to go in a little bit further and study a little bit more. I’ve also realized what I’m quite good at.

Training Benefits The Whole Team

Not only did Anthony self-motivate though his own training, but he sees value in extending the training to his department. Like a true leader, he’s thinking about what is best for his team and his company as a whole – which is a large part of what landed Anthony in the Market Motive Spotlight.

It would definitely be worthwhile for everybody in the department to do the Fundamentals of Market Motive, just to have a broad understanding. . . it will highlight areas they want to focus on more, either because they find it interesting, or they recognize they don’t know anything about that area. It would help the department as a whole, because if you have all the people understanding all the fundamentals, then you don’t get so many blank faces. . . Because Fundamentals can be learned within a fairly short space of time, I do think it would be time well invested.

Job Well Done

Congratulations to Anthony Fulford on his three certifications! And congratulations to MediaCom Beyond Advertising for making the investment in professional development, and having such a rockstar on their team!

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