Market Motive Spotlight: Resultify

spotlightToday’s Market Motive Spotlight shines brightly upon Resultify. In the words of Project Manager Alexandra Wennheden, the online agency ponders on a daily basis, ”What should we do in our online marketing in order to get results?”

9 out of 10 of their clients recommend them to others. It’s probably because they’re good at measuring the complete digital landscape and understanding how to optimize it. Or maybe it’s because they’re sharing their knowledge with their clients as much as they want. Or maybe because they create great results. No matter what, they love and live online marketing.

But let’s get to the good stuff. How did they manage the training and to hit their goals?

resultify“As an agency with a DNA of being non-BS, we wanted to show that we are really passionate about what we do,” said Alexandra. “So we set up a goal of getting everyone in the company certified, from front office to CEO. We got access to Market Motive and jumped over the lessons. In a week or so the first certifications came in and we posted them on the intranet to encourage others. We also held internal Friday lunches where we discussed the material and the different courses. In every company weekly meeting we addressed the challenges and pushed for everyone to get through. Now it’s part of our onboarding process for everyone that we hire.”

Did the company see any changes and improvements since going through the training?

“We are proud. Proud to be certified on a personal basis and proud that everyone is certified on a company basis! We use it in sales and in everyday communication since we have the badges in our email footer.
Resultify is a company with the best expertise in the different fields of online marketing and this is part of the proof.”

Market Motive Account Manager and Success Liaison Lila Carpenter saw firsthand the dedication Resultify showcased on a daily basis in achieving its goals. “Resultify is relentless with their training. They attack it with an inspiring tenacity and are always hungry for more. Such a fun team to work with! I couldn’t be prouder of this team.”

Let us raise our glasses and give a big cheer to the entire team.



Congrats Resultify on a job well done.

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