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Today our Market Motive Spotlight shines brightly on Drew Clifton at The Digital Marketing & Analytics pro was charged with leading the SEO and Digital Analytics initiatives for a lively classifieds and display advertising marketplace site ranked in Alexa’s top 25,000 web destinations.

So how did Drew’s training have a direct impact on RVT’s success?

Let’s hear it straight from the digital marketing guru’s mouth.

Drew Clifton

Drew Clifton, Digital Marketing & Analytics,

“ is an online RV classifieds and industry advertising site,” Drew Clifton, Digital Marketing & Analytics at told us. “RVT sponsored me to enroll in the Market Motive courses SEO and Web Analytics courses, which helped me to perform my duties in both capacities for the website.

RVT saw almost 8 million website visits during the last year, so we have a lot of SEO and web analytics concerns, and these courses were a confidence builder for me when I took the new job.


Shawn Friesen, Senior Vice President,

Market Motive was instrumental in facilitating the hiring of a new team member, said Shawn Friesen, Senior Vice President of “The training helped give us a greater sense confidence and direction. As a result, MarketMotive had a hand in kickstarting us into a new era of both digital analytics utilization and SEO principles and strategies.

Since working with Market Motive, we’ve engaged with both our customers and ‘pre-customers’ in some entirely new ways and have seen measurable results on multiple fronts.”

“I remember back in 2013 when was primarily interested in the webinars,” said Market Motive Account Manager and Success Liaison Lila Carpenter. “It’s fun to see how they branched out! In fact, I think the initial interest in webinars may be part of the reason Drew was able to be so successful with the training.

A lot of students get stuck in just the courses, but Drew has done a tremendous job at leveraging both the structured course curriculum (earning Web Analytics & SEO Certifications!) and the live webinars. It’s especially exciting to hear that he then went out and applied what he learned! I’m so proud to have people like Drew Clifton out in the world representing Market Motive. Great job, Drew!”

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