Omnicore’s Hafiz Muhammad Ali in the Spotlight


Hafiz Muhammad Ali made a commitment to excellence.

Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Hafiz Muhammad Ali

As Founder and Adviser at Omnicore Agency, Hafiz has always believed that if you want to grow, then learning is at the essence of it. “I’m excited by continuous change,” he says. “And learning new things is the second half of myself since childhood.”

So he closely followed the thought leaders in digital marketing, and inspired by Avinash Kaushik, chose to join Market Motive to further his professional education.

I completed the Fundamentals Certification first, then SEO, PPC, PR, SOCIAL and Web Analytics from my inspiration Avinash. I had a wonderful experience; it was the course content of every discipline which motivated me to complete them all, one after another.”

But what kind of impact has the training had on his career and business?

I believe that if you have learnt something new and have implemented it, it’s a success. So the purpose of getting training was to help clients better and give back to the industry what I have learnt.

Omnicore Optimizing Digital MarketingAfter getting training from Market Motive and completion of five certifications I not only feel proud, but confident as well, while dealing with clients. And that impacted the business’ bottom line. After placing my Certification badges on the website, it increased Omnicore’s credibility… and our revenue went double.”

That’s the kind of success story we love here in the Market Motive Spotlight. Increased confidence, professional pride, and a doubling of revenues.

We think Hafiz said it best:

If you want to grow in digital, grow with Market Motive”

Congratulations, Hafiz. We’re super proud of your commitment to your career, your ability to put into action what you learned, and the positive impact you’ve had on your clients and the industry.

Frankly, that’s why we do what we do.

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