Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams of 2013

The results are in! Over 100 teams trained with Market Motive in 2013, and we are now proud to announce the Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams of the Year!

The award is based on a number of criteria, including the percentage of the training team members who became certified, the ratio of certifications to team members, and the efficiency of training.

Without further ado, we present: The Top 10 Teams of 2013!

1. Asbury Park Press, a Gannett Company
Asbury Park Press attacked their digital marketing training with fervor. As the newspaper industry migrates to digital, Asbury Park Press wants to be well trained for the new arena. Manager Karen Guarasi got buy-in from their 108 person team who then caught the vision, and together the team earned nearly 250 certifications. Read more about this Digital Marketing Team of the Year.


2. The Indianapolis Star, a Gannett Company
Pulitzer Prize-winning Indy Star applied the same tenacity they have for writing to their digital training. Their 81 person team came together to master digital marketing, earning over 200 certifications and setting themselves apart as a digital force to be reckoned with.


TN Media3. TN Media, a Gannett Company
TN Media – home to The Tennessean, widely known as the most trusted local news source in Tennessee – required staff members to take online marketing training to better serve their customers. Training Manager Margaret Tolbert helped her team achieve OMCP Certification eligibility and earned more than 100 certifications.


gannett_wisconsin_media[1]4. Gannett Wisconsin Media
Gannett Wisconsin Media is the conglomeration of ten of Wisconsin’s most powerful newspapers. Historically they were able to target their audiences geographically based on paper distribution; now they can transfer those skills online. 78 participants from separate papers came together as one to prove they’re united in equipping themselves for the digital playing field.


greenville[1]5. The Greenville News, a Gannett Company
The Greenville News is one of the three largest news distributors in all of South Carolina. Team leader Maggie Krost took the lead with her team and created a culture of friendly competition around the training. Her 35 person team walked away confident, capable, and sharing 75 certifications between them.


6. ADP Dealer Services
ADP Dealer Services Group provides integrated computing solutions to over 26,000 vehicle dealers all over the world. They’re committed to giving their clients the best results, so they make sure to invest in their teams. Their 33 person team trained in record time – equipping themselves to quickly provide even more excellent service.


7. Home Depot
Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer – so it’s no wonder they’re committed to excellence. Their elite SEO team of 12 people together earned nearly three dozen certifications and ensured the entire team is now eligible for OMCP Certification.



8. Detroit Media Partnership, a Gannett Company

Detroit Media Partnership delivers the most trusted editorial coverage to serve the metro Detroit and Michigan community. This group, spanning multiple newspapers, came together to create a 72 person team earning 73 certifications. 


9. Public Communications Inc. (PCI)
This integrated marketing communications firm is consistently ranked among the top independent firms in the United States and recognized by its peers for its commitment to excellence. It’s no wonder the 15 person team had a 100% completion rate and earned 32 total certifications.


10. Democrat & Chronicle, a Gannett Company
The Democrat & Chronicle is the hometown newspaper of Rochester, New York. This 45 person team had a 100% completion rate and earned over 50 certifications.


We’re proud of all of our teams who trained with us last year, and we’re especially glad to honor the top ten in this way.

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