Market Motive’s John Marshall Heads a Life-changing Project

We’re taking a moment on our blog today to share the story of our co-founder, John Marshall, and his personal efforts to bring medical and educational relief to Haiti.

John has been involved in donating and fundraising for Food for the Poor for a number of years, an organization that provides direct relief assistance by helping the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America.

In June 2013, John traveled to Ganthier, Haiti with Food for the Poor to see the work being done there and saw just how much help was still needed.

There he met a young boy called Stephenson who had a birth defect which had left him with virtually no fingers. He was able to use John’s iPad however, which John gave to him as a gift.



When he returned home from his trip, John came across an article about someone who had created a template of a prosthetic hand for this same birth defect, and even better, it could be made using a 3D printer.

John had Stephenson’s measurements taken, and then work started; after a few revisions, Stephenson’s new hand was ready.

In April this year John took a trip to Haiti to fit the prosthesis for Stephenson.



John’s first goal has now been achieved.

But now he’s set his sights on a second goal for Ganthier.

This summer he is hoping to raise enough money to build a 4 room schoolhouse in time for the new school year.

We’re proud of John’s involvement in bringing help to the region, and we’re happy to bring attention to this new initiative. If you’d like to help, or learn more, head here to John’s campaign page and see the video of the moment Stephenson got his new hand.


About Food for the Poor

Food For The Poor is the largest international relief and development organization in the United States, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Founded in 1982, they serve the poorest of the poor in 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Thanks to their faithful donors, their programs provide housing, healthcare, education, fresh water, emergency relief and micro-enterprise assistance in addition to feeding hundreds of thousands of people each day.
Since its inception in 1982, Food For The Poor has provided in excess of $11 billion in aid (more than half of which was provided in the last five years) and has built more than 91,000 housing units for the destitute. In 2013, Food For The Poor constructed 6,808 housing units for families in need of adequate shelter. Total fundraising and administrative costs in 2013 comprised less than 5% of our expenses. More than 95% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor.


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