Tracking Student Behavior Helps Ensure eLearning Success in Higher Ed

richard pattenaude

Richard Pattenaude, President and CEO, Ashford University

We know that eLearning is bringing more educational opportunities to more students and communities through online accessibility. But what advantage does eLearning offer educators when it comes to measuring and nurturing student success, and refining online teaching programs?

Market Motive’s Content Marketing Faculty Chair Greg Jarboe recently attended the APSCU conference, where he interviewed Dr. Richard L. Pattenaude, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ashford University, for the National Transfer Network.

In the video interview, Dr. Pattenaude shares some of his insights on student success with elearning.*

One of the neat things about the online sector is we have an enormous amount of data because every time a student does something it’s a click. And so we can see where they’re strong and where they’re weak, what’s working and what’s not working. So, we can observe where students are not doing well. For example, we know that the first four classes are absolutely essential. If you get through the fourth class, your retention rate goes right up. So, we have a special group of advisors to help students with time management. They check in with them weekly. Help them review assignments. Get oriented to it. And we’ve seen our retention at Ashford climb 4 percent in 12 months. And if you’ve ever worked in any university, moving that needle is hard.”

Here at Market Motive, we know the value of monitoring student progress, incentivizing good study habits, and rewarding successes. Our corporate clients, like PCI and Home Depot, have launched powerfully successful training programs with great measurable results thanks to their commitment to setting clear priorities, establishing measurable goals, and ensuring support through the program.

It’s great to see that higher ed organizations like Ashford University are seeing the same success.

It reinforces our belief that quality curriculum, with a healthy dose of goals and support, can truly result in student success.

*Ashford University is not currently a Market Motive licensee. We just love their passion and insight into eLearning.

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