Market Motive is Excited to Introduce the New Level 2: Foundations Series!

The Digital Marketing Foundations series will be replacing our Internet Marketing Fundamentals series over the next fourteen weeks. We’re super excited about introducing the new courses, and we know you’ll be excited about them too!

analytics-screenHow do we know you’ll be excited?

Because the new Level 2: Digital Marketing Foundations Course was made with your input in mind! Managers and individuals have given us lots of feedback on the previous Level 2: Fundamentals Course, and we took that feedback and ran with it!

The Level 2: Foundations Course is full of updated material that’s even more engaging, covers a wider range of topics, and gets you face-to-face with the faculty!

We know that this is a big (exciting) change, and big changes come with lots of questions. So, to put your questions to rest, let’s run through some of them.

The Transition

What will the transition from Fundamentals to Foundations be like?

Every 2 weeks, beginning on December 15, 2014, we will start introducing a new Digital Marketing Foundations Course. The December 15 course (Email Marketing!) is brand new and will not replace an existing Fundamentals Course. Starting the first week of January, will will begin replacing a Fundamentals discipline with a Foundations discipline every two weeks. Leading up to the transition, there will be a large notice in your course so you know when when to expect the change.

Do I have to finish my course before the change?

If you are working in a specific discipline – SEO Fundamentals, for example – you will want to finish the discipline before the transition. Because most Fundamentals Courses are about 3 hours and you will have a month of warning, there should be be plenty of time to finish the course and pass the final test before the transition.

Will you tell me before you switch out a course? How will I know it’s coming?

Yes! We’ll absolutely tell you! We want to give you plenty of time to tie up loose ends, complete your course, and pass the final test. In your Fundamentals Course about a month ahead of time, there will be a big notice at the top of the course telling you exactly when your course will be switched to Foundations. We definitely don’t want to surprise you or have you feel like we pulled the rug out from under you.

What order will you roll the courses out in?

The order we roll the courses out may change. Right now, the order that is scheduled is: Email Marketing (new course!), Social Media, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, PPC, Mobile Marketing, Analytics, & SEO.

The Foundations Course

Why are you updating the courses? Were the old courses outdated?

courses-heroThe former Fundamentals Courses were highly educational and are still super valuable. However, we wanted to raise the course to the next level to make them even more appealing, engaging, and relevant.

Do the new courses cover the same material?

The new Foundations Courses will cover some of the same material as the Fundamentals Courses, but there are also additional sections that were not covered previously.

Do the new courses cost more money? Will you charge my card?

No, we will not charge your card. The new Level 2 Foundations Courses are included in your Market Motive membership.

Are the new courses the same length, longer, or shorter?

Yes, the new course are about the same length. Some of the subjects have been distilled and might be slightly shorter than before. Overall, though, the Level 2 Course as a whole is the same length.

Where do I access the new courses?

You will be able to access the new Level 2: Foundations Courses on the left hand side of your screen where you previously accessed the Level 2: Fundamentals Courses. No extra effort is required on your part to add the courses.

When will they all be done?

We are rolling out the courses one every two weeks. The roll-out will be finished after fourteen weeks, ending by April.

Will you be transitioning the Level 3: Practitioner Courses as well?

The transition is just for Level 2 Courses. Because the Level 3 Courses have less evergreen material (an example of evergreen material being vocabulary), we need to keep them in a super easy to update format.

Do I need a better bandwidth?

Because the quality and size of the videos changed (now in 16:9 aspect ratio), the bandwidth that you need to play the videos has increased. If you find this to be a problem, you always have the option of switching to the low bandwidth mode. You can make this change through your profile.


I already passed the old Level 2: Fundamentals Course. Do I lose my certification?

No, you will definitely not lose your certification. You already put the work in, and that’s yours to keep. If you’ve already earned your Internet Marketing Fundamentals Certification, you will not lose that distinction. Keep in mind, though, that all Market Motive Certifications need to be renewed annually to stay current.

There’s an additional course now. How many courses do I need to pass to become certified?

In order to become certified, you still only need to pass any six (6) individual disciplines to gain your certification. Once you pass the test for any six different disciplines, you will be able to download your certificate. Note: If you are training with a group, your training requirements may be different. Check with your manager to see what is required of you.

Can I pass some Fundamentals and some Foundations to earn my certification?

Yes, that’s not a problem. You can take any combination of Fundamentals and Foundations. Regardless of how many courses you take in Fundamentals or Foundations, you will earn your certification when you take and pass the test in six different disciplines (taking SEO Fundamentals and SEO Foundations does not count as two).

Is the new Level 2: Foundations Course approved for an OMCP Certification?

omca-medallionNo, the new Foundations Course – as with the former Fundamentals Course – is not approved for OMCP. It is, however, approved for OMCA.

Are the new courses approved for an OMCA Certification?

Yes, the Level 2: Foundations Course qualifies for OMCA. Through December 31, 2014, you can apply to OMCA using only a Market Motive Certificate. After that point, you will also need to take the OMCA Exam, which Market Motive will help prepare you for.

Progress & Tests

I’ve already started the Fundamentals Courses. Do I have to start over when the Foundations is introduced?

No, you don’t need to start over completely. Any Fundamentals Courses that you’ve passed (meaning passed the final test) you will maintain credit for. Any discipline that you’re part way through will not transfer over. Partial completion does not transfer from Fundamentals to Foundations. For this reason, we give you plenty of notice so that you can finish and pass each individual discipline before the transition.

I’ve finished some videos in a course, but I haven’t completed the whole course. Will I still get credit for what I’ve done?

Partial completion will not transfer over from Fundamentals to Foundations. We’re making sure to give you lots of time to finish a discipline before the transition so that you are able to finish and gain credit for passing the course.

If I’ve watched 100% of the videos in the Fundamentals Course, will it automatically show I watched 100% of the videos in the Foundations Course?

The Fundamentals and Foundations Courses are separate courses. As a result, video views and quiz scores will not transfer over. If you watch 100% of SEO Fundamentals and none of SEO Foundations, after the transition, it will not show you as having watched SEO Foundations.

What does transfer between Fundamentals and Foundations?

Progress does not transfer between Fundamentals and Foundations Courses. Both Fundamentals and Foundations Courses work toward the same goal of earning a Level 2 Certification, but if you pass one, it will not show you passed the other.


Will I be able to access the Fundamentals Course after the switch? (updated 12/19/2014)

After the switch, the Fundamentals Courses will no longer be supported or or available. If there are any videos or sections you really love, make sure to take good notes and download any workbooks that you want to keep. The course will no longer be available aftere the transition.


I am a manager. What will this look like in my dashboard?

If your dashboard already has Fundamental Courses, when the Foundations version of a course is introduced, you will see it appear in your dashboard. It will be in a new DMF column next to the IMF column. When you expand a user, you will see the Foundations section under the Fundamentals section. The blue bar will continue to measure tests passed in the courses, and the gold tab will still appear when someone becomes certified. The progress in the Fundamentals Course will not be removed, so you’ll always be able to see everything your team has done.

I am a member of a team. What will this look like in my dashboard?

If your dashboard already has Fundamental Courses, when the Foundations version of a course is introduced, you will see it appear in your dashboard below the Internet Marketing Fundamentals section. You will also maintain a record of the progress you made in the Fundamental Courses. The introduction of Foundations will not replace your progress in Fundamentals.

Partner Universities

What happens to my students?

Any students that already have access to Fundamentals Courses will have access to Foundations Course for the same amount of time. This will be automatically added to their account, and requires no extra work on your part.

I am a student through a Market Motive partner. What happens to me?

You will automatically gain access to the Market Motive Foundations Course. It will be added to your account with no additional work from you.

What happens to my dashboard?

If your dashboard already has Fundamental Courses, when the Foundations version of a course is introduced, you will see it appear in your dashboard. It will be in a new column next to the old IMF Course. the same Internet Marketing Fundamentals (IMF) Column, and when you expand a user, you will see that the additional Foundations Courses have been added. The blue bar and the The Foundations Courses will be added to the dashboard bi-weekly as they are rolled out.

What happens to my AdminAccess & Token Generator?

As soon as the Foundations Course becomes available, you will be able to generate tokens that include Foundations. It will be the same process on your end. We will do the switch on the back end to make sure you are creating & distributing the most current courses.

Do I need to update my website?

We are in the process of writing new course descriptions for you! As soon as these are created, they will be distributed to you so that you can update your sites.

We’re super excited about the course, and can’t wait to have you go through it.

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