10 Hacks to Write Great Headlines for Improving Organic CTR

What makes people decide which articles to read and which to ignore?

How can you improve the CTR of your article?

Most writers will tell you that headlines make or break your article. It doesn’t matter if your article contains the secret to eternal happiness, no one will read your article if you don’t have a great headline.

To convince readers to click-through your article, your headline needs to induce curiosity while being honest and simple. This article will guide you through some

Top 10 High Paying Countries for Digital Marketing Specialists

Digital Marketing Specialists

All online marketing efforts are classified as digital marketing. This means Digital Marketing Specialists must possess a wide range of expertise to manage and coordinate varied forms of online marketing campaigns, in multiples platforms.

Become an expert to handle all online marketing channels from our Digital Marketing Specialist program.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about utilizing multiple online channels and assets to connect with current and potential clients.


Announcing Top Gun Winners from Winter 2015!

top gun master certifiedMarket Motive’s Digital Marketing Coached Courses run quarterly and are taken by marketers from everywhere across the globe. Each semester Market Motive presents one student in each of our disciplines with the Top Gun Award to recognize their mastery of the content and real-world application.

Without further ado, here are the Top Gun winners for winter of 2015.… Continue reading

Infographic: 2015 State of the Marketing Industry

Salesforce logoSalesforce infographic reveals “key findings based on cumulative responses from marketers around the world.”

Salesforce recently put out a great infographic based upon a survey with 5,000 marketers.

According to their blog, marketers were asked questions regarding budgets, biggest hurdles, email open rates on mobile devices, investing in social channels, and more.

Some of the key takeaways:… Continue reading

How to push customers over the edge at the end of a buying funnel

endofbuyingcycleblogFrom the Market Motive Forums: Why display benefit copy instead of features copy at the final buying stage of the buying funnel? Aren’t the customers already sold and ready to buy using features as their guide?

People fall off at every stage of the buying funnel.

Someone might want a product/service, but then still doesn’t finish buying it or engaging in the service. It’s common for someone to forget, have something else comes up that distracts the user from their task, or they need a bit more of a push.

At the very end of the buying funnel, it’s a good idea to push a user to finally take action; and people buy products/serves based upon what it’ll do for them.… Continue reading

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When an Offer Fails

From the Market Motive Forums: 100 people clicked “Get this offer” to receive a coupon, but nobody went to the store to redeem it. What happened?

When an offer flops, there could be several things at play.

But there’s good news! If you have you tracking set up properly, you can usually find the problem and correct it before your next campaign.

If you have people click “get this offer” button, but no one shows up in a store, here are the top three questions to ask yourself:… Continue reading

Should You Buy Your Brand Terms? Probably.

From the Market Motive Forums: Is it a good strategy to spend money for brand terms?

In most cases, it is worth buying your brand terms and company names. A lot of companies test buying their brand vs. not buying it, and then make a decisions based off the revenue delta. Testing is always a good idea!

As a general overview: Here are the top 4 most common reasons companies buy their brand terms. … Continue reading

Should I Use WordPress or Blogger for a Free Blog?

From the Market Motive Forums: Is WordPress or Blogger better for a free blog?

The question that comes up a lot is the value of WordPress vs Blogger. As far as SEO goes, it doesn’t matter. I started with Blogger, moved to WordPress, and I now use a self-hosted version of a WordPress install.… Continue reading

7 Steps to Leverage Team Meetings for Training Success

If you want your marketing team to get the most out of training, you’ve got to keep them accountable and help them apply what they’re learning.

And there may be no better way to keep them on task and productive than team meetings.

Yep, that’s right, we used “meeting” and “productive” in the same sentence. Here’s how it works.… Continue reading