3 Things Marketers Can Learn from High School

Teenage Girls Sitting Outside Playing With Mobile PhoneRemember High School? We do.

The more things change, the more they stay the same… and although now we’re grown up marketers (well, some of us), our day-to-day is still all about staying plugged-in and getting the attention of the cool kids.

So here’s three things we learned in high school that it pays to remember:

Be aware of trends

In high school, following the right trends can make you or break you. Which jeans to wear, the right haircut, joining the right club… any one of these could mean a date to prom or social suicide. Of course, certain trends appeal to some and not others; some kids are nerds and others are hipsters, and we tend to follow the trends that appeal to the people we’re trying to impress.

Marketers, like high schoolers, have to stay aware of all the trends happening around them, know who’s attention they’re trying to get, and make smart choices on which trends to follow. Sometimes trends can just be a passing phase or shiny object, and you don’t want to be the only one left doing the Harlem Shake (remember that? Good times.)

Be in on the gossip

As every high schooler knows . . . you HAVE to be in on the gossip! If you aren’t keeping up with the current stories about what’s hot and what’s not and who’s dating who, you won’t be allowed to sit at the cool kids’ table at lunch anymore.

Marketers should aim for the cool kids’ table by staying in the social media conversation and connecting with the right people on the right topics. Make sure you are listening even more than you are contributing, and you’ll be on your way to crowned at homecoming.

Be mobile

High schoolers are glued to their phones. Mobile is quickly becoming their most important means of communication. In high school it’s essential to network, make friends, and stay connected.

Mobile is one of a marketer’s most important means of communication. With half of the States’ mobile phone users on smartphones, marketing campaigns must be mobile. The ability to give customers a richer experience when they connect with you will keep them engaged for longer and encourage them to return to your site to have another great experience with you.

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