4 Awesome Techniques for Expert Hiring

ME_208Media Experts is an innovative Canadian media planning and buying agency with major Canadian clients and dream jobs for those qualified to fill them.

“There’s a lot of demand out there, and not a lot of supply,” says Joaquin Murillo, Media Experts’ Managing Director of Search Marketing, about the shallow pool of qualified online marketers.

So how does Media Experts find and hire the best?

Learning from the hiring process that brought in Maurice Revah, now Senior Search Marketing Analyst at Media Experts, we’ve pulled out four principles:

1. If you plan to invest in your employees, look for people who invest in themselves.

Media Experts is innovative and cutting edge – and that’s no accident. They pride themselves on developing great marketing minds and foster a learning culture by ensuring staff attend important workshops, webinars, conferences and monthly seminars from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They ensure that their staff remain current with respect to industry certification and are currently exploring having their entire team OMCP Certified.

Maurice fit this culture to a “T”. By paying for the PPC Master Certification Course out of pocket, he invested in himself and proved he was someone worth investing in. He went above and beyond what most people had done.

“I was already in the field of marketing. I had a bachelor’s degree. But I wasn’t landing the jobs that I wanted, and I figured I needed some sort of edge [. . .] I decided to enroll myself and get PPC training, and it worked out for the better.”

2. If you want an employee to care for your clients, look for someone that cares for your profession.

Media Experts is so passionate about what they do that they’ve trademarked the word tradigital™ to explain their approach to media planning and buying. Passion is a requirement if a marketer is going to step into an agency like this and start working with some of Canada’s most successful brands like BMW, Bell Canada, TD Bank, WestJet, ALDO and Virgin Mobile.

Media Experts’ Joaquin Murillo, says, “If you don’t have years of experience, get educated and make up for it with passion. We hire for passion and attitude. With those qualities we can teach you skills and aptitude.”

Maurice knew from the beginning that his lack of experience put him at a disadvantage, so when he started with Market Motive he passionately dedicated himself to his training.

“I was the only rookie in the class that didn’t have any practical experience, so I was really learning PPC for the first time. At the end of the course [Brad Geddes] said he was really pleased with the progress I had made, and that I would probably do really well in the field.”

3. If you expect an employee to advertise for your clients, pick someone who can advertise for himself.

With online marketing constantly evolving, it’s critical to find people who are qualified with the latest training to fill the needs of premiere clientèle. Media Experts took their search for qualified marketers to LinkedIn. People who take their LinkedIn profile seriously know how to present a product in an appealing and professional manner – an indicator they’ll be able to help your clients.

After graduating from Market Motive, Maurice had updated his LinkedIn profile with his Market Motive and OMCP Certifications. That’s where he was discovered by Media Experts.

“I had updated my profile and put Market Motive and that I had done a Master Certification. [. . .] They obviously did a search for people that had PPC or SEM experience in their profiles, and Media Experts happened to find me and reach out to me.”

4. If you want someone who can deliver for your clients, pick someone who can communicate his deliverables.

The extensive Media Experts interview process includes a series of tests to evaluate an applicant’s knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to campaigns. Performance on the test often correlates to their performance within the company.

Maurice passed with flying colors.

In addition to his stellar test scores, Maurice impressed with his ability to communicate the strategy behind his decisions. He stood out to Joaquin as someone who was business-minded and would meet the high standards Media Experts holds itself to in presenting their projects to their clients.

Think you have what it takes? They’re hiring .

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