Top 6 Reasons Why You Need to Be Great at Mobile


Mobile is no longer “up and coming” – it’s here! Not convinced? Here are the top 6 reasons you need to be great at mobile marketing.

1. More people access the web via mobile than desktop


from comscore

2014 is the year of mobile! In January, mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the US. Numbers for those that only use a desktop has dwindled to a measly 11%. If you’re crossing your fingers and hoping that people will stop what they’re doing and sit down for your site, you may be out of luck. Reach them on the go!

2. People want and use mobile loyalty clubs


You’re missing out! 33% of mobile users want to join a mobile loyalty club, but only 12% of users currently participate in one. Mobile loyalty clubs can consistently bring consumers into brick and mortar companies to redeem offers. Overall sales for the locations often go up, even in the off-seasons. 12 million Starbucks drinkers, for example, use and love the Starbucks app which includes a rewards/loyalty program. Within a year of the launch, Starbucks reported 26 million mobile transactions via the app, and now 15% of all Starbucks transactions are processed via mobile. Without a successful mobile loyalty club, you’re leaving your customers (and your sales!) out in the cold.

3. Consumers reward brands that provide a great mobile web experience . . . and punish brands that under-deliver


from NDP Group

Your consumers aren’t going to suffer through a painful mobile experience if your competitor is a Google-search away. For those of you who have already enhanced your mobile experience, buckle up – you have a lot of sales coming your way! Nearly 75% of smartphone owners use their device as part of their overall shopping experience.

4. Finally! You can track conversions to traditional media campaigns

from the tatango blog

from the tatango blog

Brands are successfully extending traditional media campaigns with the use of mobile CTAs. Ford Motor Company, for example, is seeing a 15.4% lead conversion by adding a SMS call to action on TV and newspaper ads. It’s a big jump to go from seeing an ad to buying a car – why not give them a baby step?

5. Facebook and Twitter users spend more than twice as much time on mobile as they do on desktops

Infographic: Mobile Is Even More Important to Twitter Than It Is to Facebook | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

If you’re trying to reach your users, you need to reach them in the right community and on the right device. Your consumers interact with social media, and they do it on the go. You need to be where they are (Twitter & Facebook), and you need to know how to interact with them in a mobile-positive manner.

6. Mobile Marketing jobs are about to explode!


Are you bummed because now you’re excited about mobile, but you don’t have a company to perform you mobile magic for? Don’t worry! Consulting firm mLightenment predicts mobile jobs will increase from 524,000 in 2012 to 1.4 million in 2015. Doors are flying open for you, will you be prepared to go through them?

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Ready to jump on the mobile bandwagon? Great!

But beware!

Mobile is both highly efficient and highly personal.

Poorly conducted mobile campaigns can cause customer frustration, a sense of invasion, or (eee!) lawsuits.

Whether you’re already in the mobile sphere or you’re just realizing you should be, it’s important to do mobile and it’s important to do it well. Don’t jump in blindly.

Make sure you learn the nitty-gritty about options, rules, best practices, and how to integrate it with the rest of your social & web experience.

Then go get creative!

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