A Little Bird Told Us You Should Avoid Bad Link Neighborhoods

pow zapAvoiding Bad Links

The holiday season is over but doesn’t start feeling glum because we’re gifting you with a sneak peek at one of our very newest videos from Todd Malicoat’s SEO course.

We know you’re all sensible marketers and wouldn’t want to be caught in a bad neighborhood, and staying on the right side of the Google algorithm tracks is essential for your SEO efforts. Todd is here to help you understand where those bad link neighborhoods are and how to avoid them. Making sure all your link building is legitimate and above board will grant you favor with the ranking gods.

Check out this excerpt from “Avoiding Bad Links”.


Members can watch the full “Avoiding Bad Links” video here!

23 Minutes of Awesome Free Video

Hang on a minute because we have ANOTHER gift for you. If you’re still wondering what exactly Hummingbird has done to search then you’re in luck.

Here’s a link to Todd’s complete “Understanding Google’s Hummingbird Update” video.

23 minutes of Hummingbird insight. Free to all until Jan 31. Woo Hoo!

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