Announcing Top Gun Winners from Spring 2014!

TopGunWinnersMarketMotiveSpring2014Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Coached Courses run quarterly and are attended by marketers from all around the world. Each semester we present one student in each discipline with the Top Gun Award to recognize mastery of both the knowledge of the material and its application.

We are proud and excited to announce the Top Gun Winners from the Spring 2014 semester.

Adam Lindsey, PPC Top Gun, TN Media, a Gannett CompanyAdamLindsey - Market Motive Top Gun Winner

Adam is an enthusiastic digital media professional working as a Digital Strategist for TN Media, a Gannett Company. Adam has already seen great results for his PPC clients, and is known as a leader in his company. He recently took on the additional role of Regional Digital Marketing Strategist for Gannett Central Group to help 26 markets develop and execute digital marketing plans focused on lead-generation. He was able to use TN Media for his final project.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have the opportunity to take Market Motive’s PPC Master Certification course taught by Brad Geddes. He was instrumental in helping me with my current campaign, teaching me ways to better optimize it, and giving me some great knowledge to help me further my career. I will forever be an advocate of Market Motive, [their] courses, webinars, and everything they stand for.

It was through Market Motive’s courses that I was able to forward my career and have since transitioned to a new role as a Regional Digital Marketing Strategist for Gannett. The first and only position of its type within our organization. We are going to change the way our corporation markets itself online, and I am going to be a big part in making that happen thanks to the Market Motive team and all of the wonderful knowledge they provide through their courses.

Margaret Tolbert, Social Media Top Gun, TN Media, a Gannett CompanyMargaret Tolbert - Market Motive Top Gun Winner

Margaret is an Advertising Account Executive at TN Media, where she has more than eight years of advertising and marketing experience creating customized solutions for businesses in Tennessee. She is also the owner of Details by Margaret, a highly acclaimed event planning and consulting service. She used Details by Margaret for her final project.

I have already seen an increase in business since I first start doing some of the best practices learned in class! I have seen an increase to my website traffic, social following and new business inquiries! I loved having the attention from Jennifer, and not just the videos. The feedback and support Jennifer gave me made a huge impact on my success in the class!”

Jane Flint, Mobile Marketing Top Gun, Independent Consultant

Jane is a senior consultant with extensive experience in systems, strategic planning, and implementation of online marketing. Prior to independently consulting, she held leadership and implementation roles at Kaiser Permanente, LeapFrog Industries, and Adobe (Macromedia). She now consults with profit and nonprofit enterprises ranging in size from startups to established endeavors. She was able to use a consulting client for her final project.

Joe Bassil, SEO Top Gun, SapienNitro

Joe is an eCommerce Specialist and Senior JEE Architect at SapienNitro, an agency dedicated to redefining storytelling in order to engage consumers. Joe is also a member of the Board of Directors for Know Before You Go, Inc, where he oversees and advises on the growth of the organization’s digital experience. He was able to use Know Before You Go for his final project.

This is an honor! The Market Motive class, and especially instructors, offered a very in depth curriculum for SEO and were there every step of the way to answer questions.”

Melanie Knoth, Web Analytics Top Gun, Erie Insurance Group

Melanie works as a Senior Digital Analyst for Erie Insurance Group, a FORTUNE 500 company providing insurance to 11 states as well as the District of Columbia. As a Senior Digital Analyst, Melanie provides analytical support and strategic insights to the overall digital and web strategy for her company. She was able to use Erie Insurance Group for one of her final projects.

Avinash introduced me to a new way of thinking about web analytics in this Master course. Before, I easily puked data in my reports. Now, I only analyze the metrics that deliver the most insights because I understand which KPIs are most important for different businesses/websites.

His lessons were so straightforward, simple, fun, but highly challenging at the same time. I would encourage anyone new or seasoned to web analytics to take this course.”

Congratulations to all of our graduates! We’re proud of everyone who graduated this semester, and we’re especially excited to recognize these top students. 


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