Announcing Top Gun Winners from Winter 2015!

top gun master certifiedMarket Motive’s Digital Marketing Coached Courses run quarterly and are taken by marketers from everywhere across the globe. Each semester Market Motive presents one student in each of our disciplines with the Top Gun Award to recognize their mastery of the content and real-world application.

Without further ado, here are the Top Gun winners for winter of 2015.

donagh fitzgeraldDonagh Fitzgerald, Social Media Top Gun, DPS Engineering

What do I think of Market Motive’s Social Media Master Courses? Well the fact that I’ve taken four Master Modules probably says it all. Their courses are delivered by people who do digital marketing for their day jobs. On the Masters Certification programmes, you have to do weekly assignments with feedback from experts and you have a (challenging) end of module project making it stand head and shoulders above the competition. I have taken courses at other providers and frankly there is no comparison.”

erik hervasErik Hervas, SEO Top Gun, Pronaca

“I’ve been doing SEO for my own sites for more than five years, but all the knowledge that I had was empirical. I needed to formalize what I’ve been learning, and I was looking for a program that really challenged me. After doing a long research, Market Motive offered the best program. My experience getting certified by SEO course was extraordinary. There is a lot to learn and work to complete, so if you don’t get organized you will not make it. The program exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the Top Gun award!”

joyce duanJoyce Duan, Web Analytics Top Gun, TigerLead

“The MarketMotive Web Analytics Master Program was one of my best learning experiences. The curriculum covers comprehensive concepts and common sense frameworks that bring into focus the big picture and business priorities. The weekly assignments give hands-on practice. The final project applies everything learned to two real-world web sites. I especially like the weekly live class conference call where Avinash and John reviewed student’s homework and gave specific feedbacks. They are great teachers, insightful, friendly, inspirational, and fun.
I highly recommend the class to any aspiring analysis ninjas who want to maximize the value of their analytics works delivered to the organization’s bottom line.

bruce hooverBruce Hoover, PPC Top Gun, Enterprise Architect at ABN-AMRO

“I found the Market Motive PPC Master Program to be a great personal learning experience. The weekly homework assignments were created aggressively enough to be challenging but not overwhelming. The weekly webinars were a great place to correct any misunderstandings and get further clarification. I had a lot of fun with my final project that showcased all of the strategies that the course had taught us. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to master AND apply PPC techniques in a profitable and repeatable manner.

rory burchensonRory Burchenson, Mobile Marketing Top Gun, Red Stripe and Quamsoft

“Market Motive’s Mobile Marketing course has definitely opened my eyes as to a world of possibilities in mobile marketing, and now I feel confident coming up with winning strategies.”

Congratulations to all of our graduates! We’re proud of everyone who graduated during winter semester, and we’re thrilled to recognize these top students.

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