Are you a domainer? Here’s why it doesn’t work.

Why domaining rarely works.

Ask an internet marketer “how many domains do you personally own?” Now ask, “How many have you developed?” Chances are the domains are simply parked, collecting dust. Successful domainers are like commodity traders — 98% fail.


Why do domainers usually fail?

Because it takes work. The idea that a great one-word domain like guarantees direct type-in traffic (and truckloads of money) is a myth. So is domain parking. And revshare. It takes a tremendous amount of real effort, research, and development to bring a site up in value. In the end, the successful domains are those that are properly developed with a keen understanding of the human audience, SEO, Web Analytics, Conversion and even Social Media.

Digital Marketing course will help you successful domainer.

Oh, and a real business plan.

But what if you just want to leverage your awesome one- or two-word domain to supplement your primary site?

The answer there is almost always “Stay focused on your main site.”

And that’s because whether you’re domaining for profit, or juggling multiple domains around a single business, a focus on traditional business development is your friend. Boring and hard? Sometimes. Profitable? Only if you make it through the hard work. Or win the lottery. For that matter, why not trade commodities?

11 myths and 7 rules

It’s not easy digging through the mythology, hype and wishful thinking to understand just what it’ll really take to reap value from your domains. Market Motive’s SEO Faculty Chair Todd Malicoat has an excellent post detailing the 11 myths about value in domains, and seven rules to follow for success. I strongly recommend it.

Market Motive SEO training guides you to choose the right domain and to be a successful domainer.

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