Bringing the gurus to the people

How many of us have gone to a search marketing conference, listened to a big name speaker, and thought, “What if I could get that guru to spend 15 minutes on my campaign?”

For me, the big-name speakers included Bryan Eisenberg and Alan Rimm-Kaufman and I’m pleased to announce that they both have joined the Market Motive faculty.

Bryan and Alan fulfill the vision of the “Internet Marketing Dream Team” whose purpose is to teach our members how to be successful in online marketing.

So here’s the lineup

Bryan Eisenberg Conversion Optimization
Greg Jarboe & Jamie O’Donnell Online publicity
Alan Rimm-Kaufman Paid search / PPC
Matt Bailey Social Media
Avinash Kaushik Web Analytics
Todd Malicoat SEO

Market Motive faculty and staff are passionate about providing everything marketers need to understand how to get a competitive advantage through online marketing. For $299 per month, members get:

  1. Fresh training videos on each area of Internet Marketing: SEO, PPC, analytics, online publicity, social media, site conversion optimization, marketing processes, down-and-dirty how-to’s and more
  2. Monthly conference calls with each Market Motive Faculty (experience site clinics, and discuss strategies specific to your business)
  3. Recordings of monthly conference calls (Your questions are answered even if you cannot attend)
  4. Discussion areas where members, staff and faculty answer your specific questions

Compare this to the costs of a consulting engagement and you see the economics of success. We are so confident that members will find value in our services, that there are no long term contracts to sign. Members can cancel anytime and we will refund the current month dues. We love what we do and we hope that you’ll check us out.

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