How to push customers over the edge at the end of a buying funnel

endofbuyingcycleblogFrom the Market Motive Forums: Why display benefit copy instead of features copy at the final buying stage of the buying funnel? Aren’t the customers already sold and ready to buy using features as their guide?

People fall off at every stage of the buying funnel.

Someone might want a product/service, but then still doesn’t finish buying it or engaging in the service. It’s common for someone to forget, have something else comes up that distracts the user from their task, or they need a bit more of a push.

At the very end of the buying funnel, it’s a good idea to push a user to finally take action; and people buy products/serves based upon what it’ll do for them.

Now, there are always exceptions, so you can test a feature vs a benefit. You can also test a directive vs a benefit.

For instance, here are two good tests:

Headline   Headline
Directive   Benefit

A directive is a CTA-like statement that hopefully identifies with the user and creates an emotional response.

For instance the ad;
Caribbean Cruise Vacations
Relax for 5 days in the Sun
Book your vacation today!

I’m not going to claim that’s a great ad; but it helps to illustrate the point. The 2nd line (relax…) is a cross between a directive and a benefit; and would work better than a feature such as: 5 Day Caribbean Vacations.

You can also test more in that line such as: Relax for 5 Sunny days for only $500 (that’s probably beyond character limits, but the point is more important than the limits).

In the end, you really have to test ads; but overall, at the buy stage benefits and calls to action usually what result in the most conversions.

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