Don’t Let The New Gmail Tabs Force You To Break Up With Us

Have you missed out?

Did you miss out on this month’s newsletter filled with awesomely powerful internet marketing training webinars of wisdom?

It might be Google’s fault.

If you’re using Gmail, you’ve probably seen the tabs across the top of your mailbox.

Chances are, Google’s decided to direct our monthly newsletter into your Promotions tab.

If you’re a member, you might miss out on your 8 free monthly webinars, and any other members-only updates coming your way.

If you’re a non-member, you’ll be missing out on the two free public webinars we offer every month.

Here’s how you can make sure that doesn’t happen.

Bonus! This doesn’t just work for Market Motive emails… this voodoo will work on any email you feel deserves to be saved from the netherworld of the Promotions Tab.

Can’t watch video? Scroll on down to see words and pictures.

Step One: First, confirm that your Market Motive newsletter has indeed been sadly and wrongly hidden away in your promotions tab. Search for it if it’s already gotten buried under offers for massages, hypnotic thrillers, and lolcatz. (Searching for awesomeness should work, but if not, search for “Market Motive”)

Important Market Motive Messages Lost In gMail Promotions Tab

Step Two: Grab and drag your wayward Market Motive newsletter into your Primary Tab. It won’t struggle at all. That’s where it wants to be.

Move Important Market Motive Messages Into gMail Primary Tab

Step Three: Tell Gmail that you’d like all future mails from our knowledge@ address to also be automagically sent to the Primary Tab.

Tell gMail To Send Future Important Market Motive Messages To The Primary Tab

Step Four: Gmail should (grudgingly) acquiesce, and agree to let you be the master of your own domain.

gMail Confirms It Will Send Future Important Market Motive Messages To The Primary Tab

Step Five: Not only will this latest newsletter of awesomesauce be in your Primary Tab, but all future monthly newsletters filled with your free webinars and other cool stuff should appear there as well.

You'll Always Find Important Market Motive Messages In Your Primary gMail Tab

That’s it! You’ve put Gmail in its place. Congratulations!

Why did Google do this?

Opinions vary.

Google, of course, says it’s in the end user’s best interest…

This Bloomberg article quotes Google as saying that the new inbox “was designed to help users organize their mail; happy users are good for Google”.

But the article also points out another obvious motivation:

“[Google gets] more advertising … while sending out 500,000 e-mail promotions is more or less free, the other options for reaching Gmail users—namely, buying adjacent ads—are not. If the new format drives just a fraction of companies to take that step, the returns could be handsome for Google.” – Bloomberg

Is that Google’s motivation? Officially, no.

Practically, probably. And good for them, gosh darn it. #gofreemarket

The important thing is, for now, you’ve still got control over how your incoming email sorts.

And we don’t have to break up.

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