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Brian Forrester, owner of Richmond based search engine marketing firmDynamic Web Solutions, hit a rather large obstacle as his company began expanding: people lacked the necessary hard skills.

Rather than wait for experienced applicants, Brian hired for soft skills, looking for smart, fast learners with the intention of training them himself.

But his company was growing quickly, and his plan to individually train everyone wasn’t scalable.

So he reached out to Market Motive – a company he had found through his own extensive self-directed education of learning from experts like Brad Geddes and Avinash Kaushik.

So what puts Dynamic Web Solutions’ onboarding process in the Market Motive Spotlight?

Its success!

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Great Learners Lead to Great Results

“Everyone who has come in since we adapted to the Market Motive training has been able to take on accounts more rapidly, deliver results more efficiently, and be more intelligent on SEO & PPC in just a short period of time. The time to get them up to speed has shrunk considerably since we started using Market Motive. That’s the biggest win for me.”

The team now trains primarily with Market Motive material, which frees up Brian’s time to focus on his growing list of important clients, ensures the customers are getting assistance from highly trained account managers, and enables his team to speak the same language

Training That Keeps On Giving

Currently, the ten trained members of his stellar team have earned a total of thirteen certifications amongst them – but don’t expect those numbers to stay there.

Because Brian created a culture of friendly competition and held the bar for the expectation of success, his team still hungrily devours the material and continually better equips themselves to serve their clients.

download a case study

Download a short Case Study

Brian has gathered together a dream team that is capable of intelligently handling big accounts. It’s no wonder his client list continues to grow, causing him to expand Dynamic Web Solutions to include even more brilliant individuals.

And luckily for Brian, he has mastered the art of onboarding. He already has multiple new team members queued up to go through the training next month, and says about Market Motive, “I don’t think we’ll ever stop using it.”

We’re excited to cheer them on in their success, and they make it easy on us. It’s not hard to cheer on a winning team.

Download a short case study to see more specifics of how they did it.

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