Facebook Policies Have Changed Again: So Should Yours. Here’s How.


It seems like Facebook is intentionally putting marketers in a tizzy with their updated ad policies.

In an effort to reduce the never ending memes and recycled content loaded with spam links, Facebook rolled out a new algorithm that makes original content much easier to promote.

Market Motive faculty member Jennifer Cario has the mindset marketers need to skirt around these new restrictions, and make the world of Facebook a little less repetitive.

Abby Johnson, who works with Jen at SugarSpun Marketing, recently blogged:

Changes like these are unpleasant, put lightly, especially for small businesses. What marketers are quickly finding out is how there really is no deciphering social networks. These platforms are still young and are going to be susceptible to change. Beyond this, Facebook, and some of the other social networks, are now public companies. Naturally, they have stepped up their efforts to ensure their profitability since they now answer to Wall Street.

The change is made; the effects are already rippling through your account. Get actionable insights and learn how to respond to ensure your social campaigns aren’t negatively impacted.

This month’s social media webinar is open to members and non-members, so register today, and tell a friend! Jennifer will show you how to avoid being in Facebook’s bad books, plus you’ll get the chance to ask her your questions during the live Q&A session.

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To read Abby’s full blog post, visit the SugarSpun Marketing blog here.

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