Facebook Vanity URLs Restrictions Lifted

Back on June 13, 2009 over 500,000 Facebook users managed to grab a Facebook Vanity URL as their own unique mark in the social media landscape. Now millions are grabbing the chance to have a distinct, indexable web address for a personal or business presence through Facebook.


In the first land rush, Facebook imposed some account age requirements to limit name squatting and the organization offered some allowance for trademarked names, but this also has ended.

As of last Monday, June 29, 2009, the account age restriction has been lifted and new accounts may register a unique user name if it’s still available. Currently, a Vanity URL requires validation via text message to a unique mobile phone number.


I strongly advise any company with a trademarked name to avoid the rights hassle and secure your company name with a Facebook account under your control. You can decide later if or how you want to represent your company through Facebook. But you can’t decide if you allow someone else to grab your name before you do.

Do it now.

How? Visit the Facebook Vanity URL page for details.

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  1. ryan says

    I got mine no problem. I wish that FB allowed more than one vanity url. And they won’t let you change them either.

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