Home Depot: Now Building People

Home Depot is in the Market Motive Spotlight for Investing in Their People & Building Up Their Team


“More Saving. More Doing.” Home Depot’s slogan no longer applies to just those looking to remodel their kitchen. Head of SEO & Senior Manager, Sean Kainec, decided to challenge his already competent team to reach the next level of online marketing. Now not only is his team saving time and doing more with polished skills, but Sean has landed him and his team in the Market Motive Spotlight for positively investing into their people.

The Home Depot Challenge: Build A Stronger Team Fast

the home depotBecause of his own career experiences, Sean knew the importance of training and career development, and he wanted to support those values as a manager. Additionally, having the team go through training would help him manage more effectively:

It was a way to know what standard I could hold them to. So if everybody took the test and passed the test, at least I knew that we have a competency level of a certain amount, and that gave me a baseline for the whole team.

Still, taking time away from his team when they were already overburdened and understaffed was a big decision and not one to be made lightly.

Sean looked at multiple options for training his team and the larger company – including live or in house training. Ultimately, he landed with Market Motive because of the flexibility of online training, managerial resources, the resulting certification, and the renowned faculty. If he was going to ask his team to invest time into training, it needed to be from a reputable source.

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So his team plunged in.

Prioritizing Success

Sean kept his head screwed on straight, and he knew that while the training would take time, he and his team didn’t need to drop everything else in order to get the certifications and results they wanted.

They have X, Y, and Z on their plate that are prioritized one, two, and three. Training came fourth, but I still made it an important priority [. . .] I held them accountable. It wasn’t something that they could get by. [. . . ] Training was important, we were paying for it, and that’s why I wanted them to get it done.

So was the time and work worth it? You tell us.

The Home Depot Marketing Team Is A Certified Success

In four short months, every person on Sean’s team became a Certified Practitioner in at least one discipline. Many are certified in two key disciplines, and all-star team member Freeman Setrana became certified in seven.

Some of his more experienced SEOs required minimal training before passing their SEO test and gaining industry recognition of their abilities; others were able to increase and develop their SEO skills to reach that level and earn the certification, and all were able to expand their knowledge into the other disciplines.

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The most measurable thing for me is that people are finding it to be much harder than they thought it would be, and they’re getting more out of it than they thought they would. So the measurable benefit is it’s expanding them. It’s more challenging, and there’s more out there than they thought.

Between the twelve person team, they earned thirty-six certifications, and every team member qualifies for OMCP.

Strong Employees, Strong Team, Strong Future

Home Depot is widely recognized as a good-guy company: they’re helpful to their customers, their foundation improves homes and lives, they are environmentally conscious, and they have won awards for corporate responsibility.

So it’s no surprise they’ve been awarded the Market Motive Spotlight for investing in their own people in a way that not only helps the company as a whole, but nurtures and supports their team members as individuals.

We’re happy we could help, and super proud of their team.

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