Infographic: 2015 State of the Marketing Industry

Salesforce logoSalesforce infographic reveals “key findings based on cumulative responses from marketers around the world.”

Salesforce recently put out a great infographic based upon a survey with 5,000 marketers.

According to their blog, marketers were asked questions regarding budgets, biggest hurdles, email open rates on mobile devices, investing in social channels, and more.

Some of the key takeaways:

  • Top two areas for increased spending are social media, advertising, and marketing
  • Most widely used email campaigns include newsletters, promotional content, and welcome series
  • 61% of marketers “rate mobile integration as very effective or effective”

If you want more detailed information, you can download the full 53-page report “for data separated by country, region, and business type (B2B and B2C), making it hyper-relevant to your business.”

Where will you spend your budget in 2015? What are your biggest challenges this year? How many subscribers are opening emails on mobile devices? What social channels do you plan to invest in most? How's the mobile marketing integration coming? Which channels and tactics are best helping you create a cohesive customer journey?

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