How do you know a user’s keyword intent?

From the Market Motive Forums: How do you know a user’s keyword intent?keywordintent

Use keywords to work backward and determine your customer’s intent, then work forwards and help solve his or her problem with your solution.

Let’s take dog training, for example.

The generic keyword is, obviously, “dog training”.

Any words added to this are considered “intent” words.

Some words will be high context words (pain points), and some are low context words where intent is not clearly stated but they still provide additional information.

“Stop my dog from peeing,” for example, is a high context pain point with an immediate need. That’s a target that you could supplement with AdWords, since people are looking for immediate help. Your landing page for AdWords and organic searches needs to communicate both urgency and confidence in the solution.

As people add more words, they fill in more detail of what they’re looking for:

  • “dog training collars” affords the ability to educate people on different collars and their effectiveness (or lack thereof).
  • “dog leash training” provides an entry to other training concepts.
  • “obedience training” covers a wide variety of issues, but looks to start the process of gaining more information about dog training.

Let’s look at some additional terms:

  • “Crate” “treats” “schools” provide a level of context, but not complete clarity. These need an additional modifier to assess pain points.
  • “Nervousness” “chewing” “biting” are all big pain points. These are easy, immediate big target words.
  • “Hunting” “retrieving” “service” are words that show a long-term view of a training regimen.

Just take the time as you build your list and put yourself in the place of those people that would be using that word or phrase.

I find it helpful to create a persona – develop a profile (and add a picture) for each of the different types of people that you encounter and how they will search based on their situation. Putting a face to a problem helps you to create a story and empathize with the needs of the searcher.

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