Market Motive Faculty Speaking this Week at SES, WebMasterWorld

Here we have SES Chicago and Pubcon in the same week. It’s like asking a kid to choose which parent to live with. So the Market Motive faculty will be speaking at both events.

This Tuesday, John Marshall will be speaking at WebMasterWorld PubCon Vegas

Analytics, Tracking Performance – Beyond the Page View

The same day I’ll be sharing my favorite four ways to game AdWords Quality Score at

Quality Score Management

At the same conference, Todd Malicoat will be covering

Link Baiting – 96 Different Strategies

Interactive Site Reviews – Focus – Social Media

SEO Tools of The Trade

Bryan Eisenberg is listed as a PubCon speaker, but I can’t figure what session he is in!

Greg Jarboe will be moderating at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago on

Strategic Development Workshops: The Human Equation: Giving Back Internet Style

Introduction to Search Marketing

Retailer Track: Meet the Bloggers Who Can Make Your Cash Register Ring!

Getting Found in all the Right Places

Matt Bailey will be speaking at the same SES conference in Chicago on

Hybrid Track: Analytics: Data Into Action

Fun With Dynamic Websites

Interactive Site Clinics

Search & Analytics Workshop: Using Analytics to Increase Search Effectiveness

Just a few days after we leave Las Vegas, Avinash will be speaking at NCDM on

Using Web Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience

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  1. Bryan Eisenberg says

    I am actually speaking at SES on Monday in a session called Redefining the Customer. See some of you here in Chicago.

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