Master Minute: The Importance of Focus

dagmar60 seconds. Awesome digital marketing advice.

Want a single golden nugget of internet marketing wisdom?

Of course, you do. And our graduates are here to deliver.

In our Master Minute series, we ask our successful Master Certification graduates just one question:

“If you had one minute to share a single valuable piece of marketing advice you learned from Market Motive with another marketer or small business owner, what would you tell them?”

Dagmar Gatell, Market Motive Master Graduate in our SEO certification and Top Gun of her class, gives you her top tip that she thinks every successful marketer should know.

Dagmar gives you a Master Minute that will help you identify what your target market is screaming out for and remind you to really focus your marketing efforts on what matters.

Want insights like these at your fingertips? Check out our training programs, and learn more about Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Course…

We’re proud of Dagmar and all of our successful graduates!

Find Dagmar Gatell at:

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