Master Minute: Whose Opinion Are You Optimizing For?

As part of the Master Minute Series, PPC Top Gun Winner & Master Graduate Richard Farr shared with us what he called his revelation about quality score.

“You hear a lot of Pay Per Click people talking about optimizing your quality score, and really when we’re doing quality score, you’re optimizing for Google’s opinion of you. And you’re optimizing for Google’s revenue. I’ve got some campaigns I’m working on for clients where the quality score is atrocious, but the cost per conversion is phenomenal. And I couldn’t care less about the quality score, because these campaigns are so profitable. So you should look at the right metrics – the ones that make you money, not the ones that make Google money.

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“What would be a good proxy to figure out if you made money – Does it make you money? Are you increasing your average click through rate? Lowering your cost per conversion? Increasing your sales? You’ve got to look at the right things for your business, not just what everyone else says is important.

“Turning money into traffic, and then traffic back into money is what it’s all about. If you have more money in the end, it was a good thing to do.”

Richard Farr is the CEO at Conversion Max, optimizing for results, not traffic.

The Master Minute series is a way for our Top Gun Winners & Graduates to showcase their talent. We ask our grads just one question: “If you had one minute to share a single valuable piece of marketing advice you learned from Market Motive with another marketer, what would you tell them?” The result, a great nugget of wisdom you can read or watch in under a minute.

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