Michael’s Best and Worst of Pubcon 2007

I just returned from Pubcon 2007 Las Vegas. After every conference, a few events stand out as particularly good.. or particularly bad. Here are mine:

To the speakers who still reveal how it really works. Neil, Rand, Aaron, Todd, and others kept the spirit of Pubcon by sharing some raw, unfiltered truths of how things really work in SEO, social media and SEM.

To Joe Morin for arranging for us to see Blue Man Group. If in Vegas, go see the long-running classic at the Venetian. Joe also hosted some nice parties in the Wynn Tower Suites. Very classy Joe. Thanks.

To bad advice. The web analytics advice I heard from the podium was sparse, and often, just plain wrong. I can’t believe people are still teaching that accuracy is the most important factor, or that tracking a single visitor’s path is useful in analysis.

To Microsoft (yep). AdCenter’s Mary Berk came out to ask the advertisers what type of quality score information they preferred. Extra recognition to Geoff Price of Efficient Frontier. For a sales VP, he delivered fairly meaty stuff in our Quality Score session.

To Microsoft (yep again) for the party at the Palms Ghost Bar. Extra smiles to Jessica for suggesting we stay longer and to John Marshall and Heather Lloyd-Martin for keeping us all dancing.

To the door guy who checked badges. This gentleman turned a thankless job into a pleasure for the attendees. Sure, he enforced the rules, but somehow made me smile every time I walked by. A rare find.

It seemed every cab driver we had was a character. We had a movie critic and later, a comedian: “Yeah, they just found my ex-husband. How was I to know they’d build that far out West?” Kind of raw, but still entertaining. What do you expect in Vegas?

For scheduling overlap with Chicago SES. Perhaps it couldn’t be avoided. But again, it’s like asking a kid to pick a favorite parent on the holidays. Some good speakers were missed.

To attendees who asked for more detail on the Quality Score techniques I presented in my session. The level of process and technical understanding at this show is inspiring.

To friends and acquaintances who made the sessions and evenings rich with anecdotes, tech-talk and just plain fun. I particularly enjoyed spending time with Dan Thies, Jill Whalen, Craig Paddock, Jay Berkowitz, Mike Black, Jessica Bowman, Rob Snell, Shirley Tan, and Mark Jackson. Lyndsay Walker knows her web analytics – even though she’s from Canada ;). Matt Tuens patiently explained some techniques on quality content creation even though he’s in sales :). Matt Harper offered promotional contacts within one minute of meeting for the first time. It’s these types of folks that make this industry so special.

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  1. Geoff says

    thanks Michael (I think). Superb presentation you gave, really… although i probably only understood about 2/3rds of it. Gave me some very good insight into the type of information that the folks at WMW really crave…

    lunch soon?


  2. Brett Tabke says

    Ok, that settles it – you are required to put together – and moderate – the analytics panel for the next pubcon. Let me know when that is done and we will get it on the site ;-) Thanks for coming out to the show Michael. The comments are right on with alot of what we were thinking and the general feedback we have received.


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