Outlook 2003 Spam Predictor

Here’s a simple tool that I use in my email deliverability arsenal that helps eliminate spam words in my outbound messages.

The script measures the likelihood that an email will fall into a recipient’s “junk mail” folder in Outlook 2003. Outlook 2003 uses a word weighting system and this measurement does not guarantee delivery into other mail clients. However, the spam words indicated by Outlook 2003 are used in other inbox protection systems and we have found this tool to be very useful to help us clean up copy and increase the chance for delivery into all inboxes.

Paste your email subject and text in below. A low (negative) spam score means the email is likely to be received. A positive score means the email is less likely to make it into the inbox. Replace as many red flashing words as possible, add neutral and ‘good’ words until your spam score is less than zero

*EDIT* This tool has been deprecated, and the links removed.

This idea and original code came from our friend Tim Cadell who can be thanked at t cadell at gmail. It’s unmodified other than a total score display.

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  1. Jack says

    Thank you for this great tool!!!

    Took my campaign from +0.14 to -0.34 and it reads just as well.
    Where has this been for the last six years?

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