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Balancing SEO and Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing’s more business critical than ever. Your customers respond to it, and Google’s rewarding for it.

But it requires a delicate balance of SEO and content to do it right.

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And seriously, who has time for that, right?

Generating content, optimizing for the latest algos, keeping it all fresh and current … it’s all a bit overwhelming, and when push comes to shove, other things get in the way.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could simplify all that for you? Show you how to schedule your content calendar, build an enterprise-worthy plan, find resources to write great articles and blogs and white papers and whatnot?

We got your back.

A Free Content Marketing Webinar Series

Our esteemed SEO guru Todd Malicoat has teamed up with Content Marketing and PR master Greg Jarboe to present a series of three webinars focused on building and managing your content campaigns.

Special Guests

And we’ve got special guests on board: Byron White, Founder of WriterAccess.com, and Mike Roberts, President of SpyFu.com will both give you their insights into keyword research, competitive analysis, and outsourcing quality written content.

Join us for this webinar series, and you’ll:

  • Learn how to develop an actionable weekly and annual outlook for businesses of any size, from SMBs to Enterprise organizations.
  • Discover new tools for ensuring your content is SEO optimized and search friendly.
  • Secure new sources of engaging, professional content that perfectly fit your needs.

Whether you’re a marketing consultant, an agency, or a B2C business owner, you’ll learn what it takes to win with optimized content.

content marketing webinar

Webinar One: What Should You Write About This Week to Reach Your Marketing Objectives?

Todd Malicoat covers the ins and outs of creating a strategy with weekly goals that fit the needs of small and midsize businesses.


content marketing webinar

Webinar Two: What Should You Write About This Year to Achieve Your Organizational Goals?

Greg Jarboe’s got the lowdown on developing long range content strategies at the Enterprise level.


content marketing webinar

Webinar Three: How To Build an Army of Writers, Measure Content Effectiveness, and Justify Your Budget

Greg’s back for session three, and he’s got special guests with special insights. Byron White, Founder of WriterAccess.com, and Mike Roberts, President of SpyFu.com have plenty of experience with keyword research, competitive analysis, and content development, and they’re ready to share.

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