How Often Should You Repeat a Tweet?

From the Market Motive Forums: How Often Should I Repeat a Tweet?

Tweets are literally here one second and gone the next. As a result, marketers can be tempted to repeat a single message multiple times using scheduling tools.

Some tools may restrict publishing similar messages in a small time frame. This isn’t because of a strict tweeting law, it’s more likely to encourage proper tweeting etiquette.

In general, I won’t send out two versions of the same tweet on the same day. I’d have to rewrite it enough to be solidly different. I also wouldn’t personally send the same link more than twice in a day unless it was to an event or a conversion point. Overall, I wouldn’t likely send a content link more than once in a day.

If your scheduling tool isn’t letting you repeat a tweet, try changing the content up a bit more thoroughly and the problem will likely go away.

If you feel strongly about repeating the exact same message multiple times in one day to hit multiple time zones, make sure your tweets are spaced at least 8 hours apart.

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