Shying Away from Highly Competitive Keywords

Keyword-ResearchImagine you’ve got a highly competitive keyword, and you don’t have the budget to compete on that word alone.

You’ve tried lots of combinations in the hopes of finding a medium or low competitive search term that still contains your highly competitive word, but no luck.

You might be at a point where you’re trying to decide whether to keep competing or just throw in the towel.

That’s just where one Market Motive member found himself this month; but instead of giving up, he turned to his Market Motive SEO forum to get the advice he needed.

The answer I gave him there felt like something that anyone in his position could benefit from, so I thought I’d share it here as well.

With competitive categories, despite the downside of competition, there is a substantial upside in search volume.

My first bit of advice would be to tell you NOT to ignore low search counts in keyword tools.

These search counts are by no means accurate. They are based on sampled data or bits of data from multiple sources. Even the Google keyword tool is designed to focus you in on more competitive terms. In a case like this, even a term that only shows 20 searches a month may still create a nice amount of volume.

Find a few dozen terms like this, and you create a nice steady stream of long-tail, high-quality visitors.

The best measurement is your own analytics. Track these long tail terms that are producing and look at those rankings. I look for those long-tail words that tend to deliver good visitor numbers, but rank on the 3-10th pages.

Work on a few of those, get a sense of how difficult it would be to increase your rankings for those terms and watch to see the result in your analytics.


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