Six Top Management Challenges for Finding, Seizing, and Managing SEO Opportunity

number six in handSix challenge areas for successful SEO management and implementation

2013 (like every year since forever) has brought a never-ending cascade of changes, updates, and new requirements in SEO.

And that makes managing your SEO initiatives a bigger challenge than ever.

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I’ve been working on a new white paper that outlines the six critical SEO issues that every company and enterprise needs to focus on, with observations and recommendations for meeting those challenges successfully.

I’ll be sharing it all in a special live workshop on August 26th, as part of a series on digital marketing team management … but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek.

If you can’t make the webinar (you should really try), this overview will at least make you aware of some of the opportunities, and give you a kick-start toward managing them.

ONE: Managing SEO Knowledge

Many people have faulty SEO knowledge, dated skills, and insufficient understanding of cutting edge concepts that translate to enterprise-level environments.

Don’t let these elements characterize your company.

  • Educate your Executives to better understand the SEO needs of the company
  • Better educate and manage your SEO team
  • Identify key players who can become your SEO champions, and give them the resources to stay current and share their knowledge

TWO: Executing Properly on SEO

Execution is the ultimate driver of success, yet it’s poor execution that holds back most SEO programs.

Don’t be like most companies.

  • Recognize the changes that will have SEO implications
  • Including SEO in the scoping phase
  • Allow for SEO QA before you go live

avoid the oops factorTHREE: Redesigns and Other Large Projects

Few SEOs have experience with enterprise-level redesign projects, because there are so few people in the world who have done it well.

Be different — have a redesign project without the “Oops! Factor.”

  • Identify the SEO risks and opportunities in the needs of other departments — early
  • Stop playing telephone: Document the SEO project requirements
  • Audit the entire development process to ensure SEO is properly integrated

That’s a sneak peek of the first three challenges… invest in education and identify key SEO superstars, include SEO in all phases of development, and plan for reviews and audits to confirm success.

Are you doing all that?


Sure, there’s more. The webinar and white paper will cover all that in greater depth, along with three more challenge areas and how to tackle them:

  • Mitigating SEO Risk
  • SEO Reporting
  • Budgeting for SEO

You’ll get lots of tips and insights to help you succeed, like: 3 steps to sustaining winning strategies; How under-budgeting SEO costs you money; and the 2 unassailable reasons to embrace auditing.

Join in on the webinar, and get the complete run down on all six opportunities, with clear and actionable steps you can take to make sure your SEO efforts are well planned, properly managed, and flawlessly implemented.

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