The New Requirements for Online Marketing Skill Sets – How Team Building will Change in 2014 and Beyond

book-imageThe landscape for hiring new online marketers is changing. Market Motive CEO Michael Stebbins has polled over 600 marketers and interviewed 32 managers to find out which skills they’re really hiring for.

And he’s discovered a disconnect: managers are advertising for hard skills and then hiring for soft skills instead.

“There’s a disconnect
between the skills
managers advertise for,
and what they hire for.”

In this free whitepaper Michael shares the results of his research, helps managers understand the difference between hard and soft skills, and gives advice on how they should interview for these divergent skill sets. Plus, he explains why managers who hire for soft skills should implement training for hard skills as soon as possible, to improve their overall onboarding process.

Michael also describes the need for the emergence of “I-SHAPED” marketers: professionals with an overall knowledge of online marketing, specialist knowledge in one or a small number of areas, and thinking, habits and passion, and soft skills.

“Moving forward as educators and professional marketers,
we need to employ a more “I-SHAPED”
marketing model, based not only on overlapping
hard skill sets but a deeper level of knowledge and commitment
to learning, strategic thought and problem-solving.”

Click here to download this free white paper and learn how team building will change in 2014 and beyond.

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