Three Things Online Marketers Can Learn From… Action Movies

Live Free or Die Hard - 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

Flashy action films with big-name stars, lots of special effects, and extreme stunts hit all the right buttons to draw audiences in and send them out excited for the inevitable sequel. Why do they do so well? There’s more to it than explosions and shiny things, and online marketers can glean insight from what makes these blockbusters work.


…Wait, didn’t I just say there was more to action movies than flash and noise? Yes, but it’s still vital for keeping the audience interested. Whether it’s explosions, kung-fu fights, or stunning visual effects, these films seize the audience’s attention and don’t let go until the final credits roll.

I know it’s tough to fit an explosion into a PPC campaign or an email blast (asterisks don’t count!), but you still need to know what makes your ads interesting — or what can be done to make them even more so. A more exciting word choice, or a splash of color just might be the missing ingredient that keeps your target audience’s eyes on your content long enough to click and convert.


All that flash-bang can’t stand alone. Without context or direction, action movies become boring slogs through too many visual effects. Too much storytelling, however, and it becomes an action film without much action. Boring! The best action films have just enough plot and context to string the audience along without making them think too much.

Your advertisements need a little plot too — just enough to keep the action and excitement going in the direction you want it to go (be it a purchase, inquiry, or subscription). But not too much: You can share the fine print and the intricate details of your products or services later. Give them an idea of why they should get excited and what to do next, and they’ll do just that.


Just when the rush of the movie seems to die off, the merchandise floods in — key chains, sequels, plush toys, kiddie meals and t-shirts. The excitement of the film lasts for weeks, even after the movie isn’t in theaters anymore.

Your customers shouldn’t have to stop being thrilled after they’ve converted, either. Even after your campaign is over, or your product has launched, or the purchase has been made, think of ways to keep them enthusiastic for more. Whether that’s in discounts on upgrades or future purchases from your store, or teasing them with a glimpse of what’s to come, there are ways to keep your new found customers glad they bought a ticket and hungry for more!


How else is online marketing like action films? Did any particular thrillers or classics come to mind while you were reading this article? Where is the thrill in your campaigns, and how did you find it? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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