Three Things Online Marketers Can Learn From… DJs

DJ in a view of the green laserThere’s an evolution going in in music, and it’s got technology written all over it.

EDM is swiftly replacing other genres for musical dominance. Turntables and MIDI controllers are the new guitars. Producer/DJ hybrids like Skrillex and Deadmau5 are the new rock stars… and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Sound familiar? Sure it does. Because technology’s changing marketing faster than you can say “drop the bass”.

Even if you’re a marketer with no rhythm, you can learn a thing or two from these musical revolutionaries and rebels, and we’ll start with:


A prepared DJ is a successful DJ. Before they ever hit the stage, they know their audience, their playlist is ready, the equipment’s been checked, and backups are in place for the inevitable disaster. And of course, they’re ready to convert dancers into buyers with CDs and T-shirts in the lobby.

What’s that mean for marketers? Be the good DJ, and don’t set foot on stage before you’re ready. Prepare your campaigns to be as foolproof as possible ahead of time. Be absolutely clear on who your audience is, the messages they respond to, and your business goal for the campaign.

Then, know how you’ll measure success, what you’ll do in the event of disaster, and be ready for the follow-up… with awesome landing pages ready for conversion.


All the planning in the world won’t save you if your audience isn’t dancing. A playlist that worked well in Los Angeles might not go over as well in Toronto, but may absolutely thrill crowds in Ibiza.  The best DJs know which songs to play for which crowds, and can get all of them jumping to their beats.

The best online marketers work the same way. Know the smaller segments that make up your market and tailor your messages to them accordingly. Senior citizens in Utah visit different landing pages on your site than preteens in Akihabara. Account for these differences and plan your outreach to suit their needs, and you’ll drive more qualified, interested traffic towards your products or services.


The most successful DJs are less worried about having the very best turntables or controllers, as much as they are about finding tools that best suit how they DJ. Any set of properly functional turntables or controllers, in the hands of a skilled DJ, will deliver a strong show. By the same token, the best equipment in the world won’t make a bad DJ sound any better.

Analytics experts know the drill here. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Omniture or Google Analytics or any other program, as long as you’re using them the right way. Focus less on paying big bucks to impress clients with a popular new whizbang tool set with more features than you’ll ever use, and focus on the tools you’re comfortable with and like… because you’re way more likely to use them.

If you get only one thing from these parallels, let it be that DJs and online marketers are both concerned with giving the best performance possible for their clients, whether they’re on the dance floor or the sales floor.


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