Three Things Online Marketers Can Learn From… Skydivers

Whether it’s confronting our natural fear of falling, or a simple desire for an adrenaline rush, for some people there’s nothing like the thrill of leaping out of a perfectly good airplane and plunging through the sky … as long as you’ve got a functioning parachute.

Even if your next big leap just consists of launching a new marketing campaign, you can still learn a thing (or three) from these adrenaline junkies.


Skydiving without the jump is just an airplane ride without the peanuts. Likewise, no matter how good your content or how strong your social media presence, if it remains unpublished, you’re just watching other people (your competitors) reap the rewards. Your best campaign is useless unless you launch it.

Both online marketers and skydivers should listen to David Lee Roth, and just jump.


The free fall is the fun part — watching the ground rushing up at you like a freight train. The longer the fall, the better. But even the most experienced skydivers know when to pull the cord.

Keep this in mind with your own campaigns. What will you do when your campaign doesn’t perform like it should? Will you stay in freefall, or slow things down and look for a good landing place? Even if your campaign seems foolproof, the best-laid plans of marketers still go astray, and it’s worthwhile to have an exit strategy.


It stands to reason that veteran skydivers have survived more than one jump, and learned from each one. The best skydivers know how to minimize risk, get longer free falls, and hit their target at the end. They learned how to control their flight, found better ways to fold their chute, and perfected their aim on final approach. Each jump allows them to fine-tune these points and get better, more thrilling jumps with fewer risks.

The cool thing about being a marketer — as opposed to a skydiver — is that if your campaign fails miserably, you can figure out why and try again tomorrow with fewer broken bones.

Marketers can do this with every campaign they run. If a campaign was successful, what worked? Which elements were essential to its success? If a campaign failed, what didn’t work? What gave the team cause to pull the cord early?  What can you bring with you from this “jump” that will make the next one better? Know these, and you’ll be that much more prepared for the next rush.

Both online marketing and skydiving involve a calculated balance of risk and reward. In both cases, the symptoms of a perfect balance of the two are an adrenaline rush and the strong desire to do it again, the sooner the better.

So go ahead and jump!


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