Too Many Impressions, Not Enough Clicks


From the Market Motive Forums: How Can I Get More Clicks From The Impressions I Have?

Getting too many impressions and not enough clicks? There are three main ways to increase clicks from your current impressions:

  1. Examine your search queries
  2. Raise your position (increase bids or quality score)
  3. Test ads (increase CTR)

The first step in examining your account is to understand the actual search queries that are showing your ads. If you find irrelevant queries, then you need to add negatives or refine your match types so that you are only showing for relevant queries.

The second step would be to raise your position. This can be done through raising bids, raising your quality score, or adding ad extensions. As ad rank is a factor of all three of these items, any one of them can raise your position; and overall, the higher the position, the higher the click through rate.

Before just raising your bids, it’s best to start with any quality score optimization and adding extensions since these won’t cost you more per click. Once these are done (or you are happy with your current information) then in order to raise position, you need to either raise your bid or raise your CTR.

While rising bids is easy, in some cases, you can’t afford it, which means you need to raise your CTR at your current position.

To do this, it comes down to ad testing. Ad testing allows you find ads with higher CTRs so that you get more clicks for the same impressions and the same cost.

Often, you should start by ad testing since that strategy can have long term positive changes to your account.

To test your ads, start by thinking about:

  • the industry
  • your value proposition
  • your benefits
  • and more

Next, write down a few approaches, such as:

  • GEO based ads
  • Free shipping
  • Large selection
  • etc

Of course, those are just some quick ecommerce examples so make sure you are writing something specific to the actual account.

Learn more about how to improve quality score and Click Through Rate (CTR)

A good place to look for inspiration is to examine competitor ads and see their main value propositions and brainstorm how to stand out from their ads. You can try a few different ads from this approach such as:

  • Commonalities among the ads. If everyone is using free shipping, you might try it in one ad to see if that really is the standard for ads in the industry
  • Another ad that targets their weaknesses
  • A third ad that targets areas that no one is really addressing

Next, determine if you’re going to do cross ad group testing or ad testing within a single ad group. If you need to test more than 10 ad groups, start with cross ad group testing.

For cross ad group testing, test most of the ad groups in a campaign, starting with the ones with the most impressions. If you’re handwriting every ad, then sort the ad groups from most to least impressions and start with the ad groups with the most impressions. This is where you can get the largest traffic gains by increasing the CTRs.

While testing, start with either the headline or the call to action/benefit (description line 2). Occasionally you will need to focus on both, depending if you’re doing unique or cross ad group testing.

Essentially, the headline draws attention to the ad and the description line 2 convinces someone to click on your ad to visit your site. The description line 1 is a connection point between the headline and d2; but it seems to be the least important element in the ads as more people focus on the headline or d2; so in my testing my d1 is almost always the last line that I test.

Write one ad that has a very specific call to action in it (d2) and another ad that has a strong benefit it in (d2) and test those items. If you have enough traffic to test 3 or more ads, then also test the headline. One headline can include the product and other might include a geo, benefit, etc.

Overall, the first main step is determining your testing approaches, after that, the process is pretty simple.

Once you find ads with better CTRs, then you’ll get more traffic to your account from the same number of impressions.

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