Walter Simpson III: New Skills, New Confidence, New Career

spotlightEvery now and then we like to shine a light on our students’ successes.

We demand a lot from them in our courses, and they work hard to earn their certifications! So it’s great to see that hard work pay off, and be able to share their stories.

Walter Simpson III Challenged Himself

Walter had always had a passion for working online. So he set himself a lofty goal: To become a professional SEO before the end of 2013.

But he knew that if he wanted to really achieve that goal and kick-start his career, he needed specialized training that would enhance his skills and break any bad SEO habits.

He looked into university training, and considered other online courses, but ultimately he landed at Market Motive, where he studied SEO with Todd Malicoat.

The Interview

Walter Simpson Spotlight

After completing his training, Walter struck out into the marketplace and applied to a variety of positions, two at a legal services company; SEO Copywriter and SEO Specialist.

His new resume quickly landed him an interview for the Copywriter position.

Walter relished the opportunity to talk shop with the company’s lead SEO. But when he was asked where he’d gotten his training, he balked. “I have to be honest … I thought I needed a university name behind me, or a masters, so when he asked me, I was a little hesitant to say Market Motive.”

He needn’t have worried. When Walter explained that he’d studied with Todd Malicoat, his interviewer sat up in his chair. He was familiar with Todd’s reputation in the industry. That training, combined with Walter’s ability to speak intelligently about SEO, instantly made him a strong candidate.

And Walter instantly gained new confidence, knowing that he didn’t “need to wait for an offer to see that [I was] definitely on the right track and in good hands … Just the confidence level that I’ve been able to pick up – and this kind of feedback – has really gotten me on a high. No time to sit still waiting for a call.”

So with that newfound confidence, Walter continued sending out resumes, secure in the knowledge that he knew his stuff, and that the industry would recognize it.

The Happy Ending

We love happy endings.

Walter didn’t get the Copywriter position he’d interviewed for.

Instead, based on his training and strong interview, Walter earned the SEO position he’d challenged himself for – and before his deadline.

He is now an SEO Specialist with Lawyer Central, but he knows that his journey’s just begun. He continues to train with Market Motive and will be pursuing a Master Certification in SEO in 2014.

Walter says the company “saw something in me as somebody with potential.”

So do we.

What Walter Did Right

So what makes Walter Simpson III our Spotlight Student?
He invested in himself: He took his professional development extremely seriously and studied hard to make himself an excellent candidate.
• He got his foot in the door: He applied to many SEO related jobs, not just dream jobs.
• He engaged: He engaged his interviewers, developed a relationship, and showed them what he knew.
He didn’t put all his eggs in one basket: Walter continued to send out resumes, even after a promising interview.

So what’s your personal challenge for 2014?

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