What If My Favorite Domain Is Unavailable?

From the Market Motive Forums: Should I settle for a “.info” domain or add dashes to get the domain I want?

wwwIf you think all the good domains are taken, you may be headed toward obscure work-arounds, like sacrificing a Top Level Domain (TLD) for an alternative suffix or adding dashes between your words.

Don’t give up. The effort you invest at the beginning will pay out in the long run. 

If you’re considering a .info, I would suggest you skip it.

Look for either a premium domain you can buy in the aftermarket (often very worth it), or just go for a partial match domain (1 generic keyword/1 branded keyword).

If you have the keywords and suffix you want, but your words are separated with dashes, I’m guessing you can probably do even better.

Domains should pass the “phone test” – meaning you should be able to tell someone the domain over the phone, and they should be able to get it right. Dashes can make that tough. “My dash word dash phrase dot com” isn’t phone friendly. It’s awkward. I’d ditch the dash if you can.

Get creative, rearrange your words, or hunt a little more through the aftermarket and email people to see if they’d sell for a reasonable amount.

Try Instant Domain Search for searching non-registered domains, and the Who Is tool from Domain Tools to help find contact info for domains that are already registered.

Definitely spend some time getting the best one you can.

It can be a pain to move sites later if they are well linked. 

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