3 Questions to Ask Yourself When an Offer Fails

From the Market Motive Forums: 100 people clicked “Get this offer” to receive a coupon, but nobody went to the store to redeem it. What happened?

When an offer flops, there could be several things at play.

But there’s good news! If you have you tracking set up properly, you can usually find the problem and correct it before your next campaign.

If you have people click “get this offer” button, but no one shows up in a store, here are the top three questions to ask yourself:

1. “Did I test the offer to make sure it works?”

Meaning, is everyone actually receiving the information they need to use the offer? Sometimes a 0% redemption rate is a clear indicator that something was broken within the system.

2. “Did I target the offer with a geographical restriction?”

Meaning, did you make sure to set up the campaign so that only people who live close enough to your store would see the offer? Otherwise, you may have had people in Argentina getting an offer for a store in Miami, Florida that they clearly aren’t going to use the offer.

3. “Did I give an unrealistic time frame?”

Meaning, did you put a time limit on it that doesn’t give the buyer enough time to make a decision? Generally, if the offer is for something that’s not a low-cost, quick decision purchase, this can be the right answer.

An offer like “pick up a dozen roses on your way home today for half off” might do well if you are trying to clear inventory and offering only a handful of offers for the day…

…but a more generic, “use it casually” offer like BOGO entrees at a restaurant or 20% off a furniture purchase might not play as well with such a short run.

Remember, every “failed” campaign is the chance to learn something and improve your campaign the next time around!

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